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From My Inbox: the Power of Intention

From My Inbox: the Power of Intention

I receive so many fascinating communications from around the world, some of which I have decided to share here (with permission from the sender). Here is one from Richard Newton who is a TTEAM/TTouch Practitioner and works as a volunteer for a therapeutic riding program in the San Francisco area.

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Kukjica, Croatia

I’m sitting at my computer at on outdoor restaurant just below the window of the Tourist Bureau. Today I am letting the others go sailing and spending the day working at the computer. It is so lovely to have a vacation in a Third World country where everything is so different. How blessed we are […]

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Telascica, Croatia: A Little Sailing

Telascica Nature Park, Croatia At dawn I thought I could quietly creep past Darja and Andre so as not to awaken them and enjoy the first morning light. I was pleasantly surprised to find Darja already up and making her famous thick, delicious coffee. We had moved the boat several hundred meters deeper into the […]

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Sailing: Memories of Baltimore Aquarium Octopus

I awoke first at 3:42 a.m. with inspired thoughts in my head and dutifully left the warmth of my bed to record them. This is the time of the morning when the philosophy of TTouch comes to me in a Theta state. If I don’t write the thoughts are gone in the morning. Before climbing […]

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In and Around Croatia: Our Sailing Vacation

I love flying into a small airport of Split – an hour and thirty minute flight from Switzerland, where every hectare of land is carefully cultivated with cascading flower boxes, to Croatia where the first impression is if barren, rock covered hills, weeds, and rubble on the roadside, in yards and abandoned buildings or projects […]

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TTEAM Training Switzerland Plus Some Daily TTouch Tips

Thursday, Sept 19, 2008
It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with such enthusiastic horse fans. The excellent organization and wonderful venue that kept us dry and sheltered from the sudden change in weather was very much appreciated. And having that tasty food and ever-ready espresso or tea and cookies passed out by a smiling Lorenzo was a special treat. I loved dancing with you all – and reminiscing over the John Denver songs. They were especially poignant for me because I spent time with John Denver in Moscow in 1985 as a citizen Ambassador and hearing the music always takes me back to wonderful times when we were working to create peace between citizens even as our governments were so aggressive.

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Kaja & Grom Ranch, Slovenia to Udine, Italy

We finally shut down our computers a little past midnight. I’m working on material to send to Jim Garrison to create a website for the new Institute for Interspecies Communication that will be part of the Wisdom University website and linked to our TTouch website. At the same time I’m editing material sent by Alyson […]

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Time Out in Slovenia

It was a brilliant decision to cancel our two-day holiday in Venice and stay here at the ranch. It’s a chance to relax in this sweet paradise and to work on projects. I was up at 6:00 a.m. – the latest I have slept since arriving, to enjoy the early morning quiet. We had coffee again on the patio in front of the house with the cats and dog and worked all day on our computers.

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Kaja & Grom Ranch, Slovenia: Inspiration

I awoke around 5 a.m. with in inspiration. In 1984 while working as a Citizen Diplomat with Esalen Soviet/American Exchange, I found that animals created connections in the former Soviet Union that brought new understanding and communication. It was at this time that I conceived of the idea of Animal Ambassadors – acknowledging animals as […]

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Introducing Baron and Baroness Vojnika

After a good night’s sleep, I awoke just before 6:00 a.m. and brought my computer down to work in the dining room so Roland could continue sleeping. Fifteen year-old Alijaz was in the kitchen getting ready to go to school with his sister, Manca. The sky was heavy with dark rain-filled clouds hanging over the […]

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