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From Slovenia With Love: All About A Special String of School Horses

from Slovenia Back on the road again and finally having time to write here in my blog. I get so focused and busy when I’m home that it just doesn’t seem to happen! It’s 5:30 AM here in Slovenia at the Kaja & Grom Ranch and it just seems natural to pick up the pen […]

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From My Inbox: From Awareness to Bliss

As I write this a few months later, I find I can easily snap into awareness of my bones and organs. And with a little effort, I can sense the communities of cells and the cellular communication. I would like to constantly tap into in that blissful oneness but while I can visualize the picture, the feeling remains elusive. Isn’t that the goal of enlightenment though? If I get there, I’ll let you know. I’m just grateful for the moment I had and to Linda for creating the possibility.

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Paying Careful Attention to Our Health: Supplementation May Help!

I was inspired to write this on the plane over the big pond at 33,000 feet. I’m traveling to Europe on one leg of my annual trip to spread the word about TTouch! Many people have commented over the years on my level of energy, and how it does not seem to diminish in spite […]

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September 7 SPOGA 2009 Cologne Germany: Be There!

I would like to invite you on September 7th at 1:30 p.m to visit the Dobert booth, representing Albion Saddlemakers, at SPOGA 2009 Cologne. Together with Klaus Balkenhol, filmmaker Roland Blum will present his new book, Klaus Balkenhol: Success With Sympathetic Hands. Beginning in 2005, Roland Blum made dozens of trips over hundreds of hours […]

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What We Can Learn About Phantom TTouches from A Rescued Dog: Holding the Intention of Healing and Perfection

Rather than seeing the damage to Sam, hold the vision of the repaired area and practice feeling the gratitude and joy you will feel when the healing is complete. According to Gregg Braden, that “feeling of gratitude and joy” is an important part of the the success of prayer. And whenever I work with a being, human or other animal, I hold a prayer that supports their highest good.

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