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Join Me at Leatherdale Equine Center, U of MN – St. Paul Campus

Join Me at Leatherdale Equine Center, U of MN – St. Paul Campus

March 27th Open TTouch/TTEAM Clinic with me–Linda Tellington-Jones

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Let’s Celebrate What’s Right with the World!

To celebrate the beauty in our world is to contribute to that very beauty.

On of my favorite bedside reading treasures is the precious little Book of Uncommon Prayer by Dr. Ruth L. Miller in which she writes,

Deepak Chopra calls the Quantum Field ‘the field of infinite possibilities,” and says that “when we achieve the stillness of the prayer state we are directly participating in that field and helping shape the forms that emerge out of it.”

I believe that by acknowledging the beauty that Dewitt Jones* portrays with his photos, and taking time to achieve the stillness as we contemplate “what is right with the world,” we are co-creating that field of beauty and infinite possibilities.

It is my pleasure to share this inspiring video, celebrating What is Right with the World from The Healing Wheel: The Online Magazine for Seekers of Spiritual and Universal Truth.

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Visit Horse and Rider Books, the Blog of Trafalgar Square Publishing

The web site is the home page for the fantastic array of books on horses and those who love them published by Trafalgar Square Books of North Pomfret, Vermont. Trafalgar Square has published my books for years. Now Horse and Rider Books has a blog, and they have posted about the Tellington TTouch YouTube […]

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TTEAM Italy Scores! Congratulations Massimo & Silvia Da Re

Last year Massimo and Silvia Da Re were working with Susi Cottica, the deputy editor of “Mio Cavallo” and “Cavalli & Cavalieri” magazines regarding the publication of several articles on the Tellington Method, which they have translated. At one of the meetings in Verona they were introduced to Emanuele Anchisi, the President of LISE, the […]

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Gorgeous Photos Added to “My Spontaneous Visit with Frédéric & Magali: Intuition, Attitude & Avignon”

I have added photos to My Spontaneous Visit with Frédéric & Magali: Intuition, Attitude & Avignon. I’m really thrilled to be able to share images of Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado and their stallions taken behind the scenes at Cheval Passion. Go take a look!

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The Miracle of Avignon

If you don’t believe in miracles perhaps this story will change your mind. It’s regarding the rescue of the 19-year old, curlyhaired dog named Buelle. Buelle is a member of the Frédéric Pignon/Magali Delgado family who looks like she may have miniature poodle and terrier blood in her veins. She is deaf and does not […]

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My Spontaneous Visit with Frédéric & Magali:  Intuition, Attitude & Avignon

My Spontaneous Visit with Frédéric & Magali: Intuition, Attitude & Avignon

As I expect you know by now, TTouch came into being because I learned to trust my intuition way back in the 1960’s. This came as a result of a computer-generated astrological chart that stated that in my lifetime I would develop a new form of communication that would spread around the world. It was […]

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