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My Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part VI (Horses)

TODAY’s Horse Session: Sally came readily to greet us, and led much better than yesterday. We took her out of the pasture without another horse. The flies were biting so badly she couldn’t concentrate, so we cut two leafy branches and Linda Siddle brushed flies on one side and I on the other while Tracy […]

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Gunner and the Balance Leash: Amazing Progress

I received an email from Jan Marshall about her experiences with the balance leash. I thought I might share it with you all, since it is really helpful. Hello – I just read in your newsletter about one of the dogs you helped called Aspida – he would lunge at other dogs and make a […]

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Bitterroot horse

Report From Bitterroot Ranch, Starting Young Horses Training by TTouch Practitioner 2 Penny Stone

Just returned from Wyoming and the Bitteroot Guest Ranch, high in the Absaroka Mountains, where I spent a week with Linda Tellington Jones and Robyn Hood teaching the Starting Young Horses with TTEAM clinic. We worked with the three- and four year-olds at the ranch who are being trained to be guest horses. Each day […]

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An Update From a Tellington TTouch Training™ e-News Reader on Trailering Issues

I would like to update you on what is happening in my work with Campari. As I said in my last email, the TTouch work has been magic with Campari. It has definitely made his mouth accepting and alive. The bodywork has made him more aware of his body, more athletic and more relaxed. I […]

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Unique TTouch® Training Offered By Equinology®

I’m thrilled to announced that I will teach an Equinology® course, EQ2010FCF: TTouch® for Equine Body Workers Workshop at Flying Cloud Farm in Petaluma, CA, November 8-12, 2011. Focus on the application of Tellington TTouch® will include: · Head (Ears, forelock, nostrils, chin and jaw) · Neck (Lowering head, Neck rocking, Mane Slides) · Forehand […]

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A Case Study: TTouch for Senior Dogs

I want to share this case study with you because it may bring hope to many of you for your aging dogs. Corinne is a Tellington TTouch Practitioner-in-Training and send me this lovely case study as one of her required reports. Of course you must understand that in addition to TTouch we always advise working […]

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My Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part V (Sally the Horse)

3:30 PM–We drove down to Siddle’s son’s end of the ranch. Tony and Linda run the cows, 800 head of Brahma! They have a feedlot for fattening cattle and showed me the feed. A mixture of corn bran and chicken manure, which contains a very high level of protein. Tony also explained their milking style. […]

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Change your mind, change your animal

Change Your Mind, Change Your Animal: A Live Teleclass

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Rayne has settled down after a couple of minutes wearing the body wrap.

TTouch and the Thundershirt Team Up to Calm Anxious Dogs on the 4th of July

With Tellington TTouch® on the ears we have been drastically reducing dogs’ fear of fireworks and thunder. It’s most effective to do two or three short TTouch sessions when your dog is not afraid and takes just a few minutes to acquaint your dog with the feeling of TTouch on the ears. For fear of […]

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