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Come Meet Me on Teaching Tour!

On Sunday, August 28th, Roland and I head across the 2 “big ponds,” the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, to teach in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I would love to meet some of you at the demos at the Reken Test Center on September 17 for TTouch for You and Your Horse and September 18 […]

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So A WartHog Walks Into A Bar…

This is a rather unusual example of Interspecies Connections. This wild Wart Hog comes into a bar in Zimbabwe on cold nights, grabs a pillow and sleeps in front of the fire, not the least bit bothered by customers. What a clear demonstration of intelligence -“the ability to adapt to new situations (and changing environments!!) […]

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Lyme Disease Related to Undesirable, Unexplainable Equine Behavior

Today I asked a question on FaceBook about experience with Lyme Disease in people, which generated a lot of response. I am hoping to hear some specifics of what has actually worked to relieve the symptoms.   The issue brought to mind an experience I had years ago with a very challenging Appaloosa mare in […]

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Let’s Talk Story!

As many of you may know, my home is in Hawai’i with my husband, Roland Kleger and our Westie, Rayne. We’re on the road, roaming the planet seven months a year, teaching Tellington TTouch for horses, companion animals and people . I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn that many aspects of traditional […]

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Announcing Our Fall 2011 Tellington TTouch Trainings for Dogs

I’m so pleased to let you know about our fall trainings for dogs. We’ve been lucky enough to schedule trainings in a wide geographic area with some of our most gifted and qualified instructors. Please consider joining us! Do you want to influence and change your dog’s unwanted behavior in a humane way that uses […]

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Dr. Karen Becker

Feline-Friendly Handling Guidelines

It’s encouraging to see how widely spread Tellington TTouch is becoming. Eugenie Chopin, who heads our TTouch Programs in South Africa, sent me the following article. Ear TTouches and for your kitty and Heart Hugs for yourself can make the visit to your vet a happy experience. Here’s an excerpt. You can read the whole […]

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My Upcoming Free Teleclass: Change Your Mind, Change Your Horse

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My Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part VII, The Final Installment

10:30–Chimp time. Martin led Tracy and me out to the bush to meet the chimps. When we joined them Tobra ran at Tracy and bit her on the thigh. Patrick went after him with a stick and he “talked back” by running about 10 feet and then turned around and screamed at Patrick. That scared […]

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