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The Bitterroot Training: A Review in Photos

The intention of the Tellington Training at Bitterroot Ranch this past June was to prepare five Arabian four-year-old mares for a lifetime as safe, trusting saddle horses for the Bitterroot Ranch guests. The second T in TTouch stands for TRUST, so it was as it always is our intention to instill in these young horses an absolute […]

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Amen to TTouch for You: From the Desks of Linda and Kate Riordan

  I was lucky to spend some time with my friend Kate Riordan before and after the Tevis Cup 100-Miles One-Day Western States Trail Ride on August 1. It was a fantastic and much-needed interlude for the both of us as we caught up on recent times and remembered old times. As you know our […]

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Celebrating the Life of Susana Gibson of trailBLAZER Magazine

This appeared in the August 2015 issue of trailBLAZER magazine. It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Susana Gibson, but also with a celebration of her life and indomitable spirit, as well as her many contributions to the life and love of horses. Join us in remembering her! Please take note […]

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Follow Your Intuition: If It Feels Right, It Is

I’d like to share with you a couple of stories where TTouch® practitioner Sage Lewis followed her intuition in working with two little dogs, much to their benefit. Following your intuition is like learning the scales of the piano really well and writing your own symphony. Martine Sudan observed me doing a fast very light […]

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Mouth Work and Nostril TTouch for “Mouthiness”

This year on my birthday I received the following enthusiastic message demonstrating an effective method for reducing stress with Tellington TTouch® on a horse’s mouth. It’s surprising that many experienced horsemen and women are not aware that “mouthiness” is a sign of stress. I was fortunate to read a report from Texas A&M Veterinary School […]

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