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Our Spring Trainings Calendar is Here

Discover or re-discover the treasure of Tellington TTouch®for companion animals, horses and humans Calendar of events for US and Canada There are early bird discount deadlines and events coming up next week! Costs, descriptions, and registration March 30-31 or March 30 – April 1, St. Michaels, MD Tellington TTouch Method for dogs. Introductory Workshops. Teacher: […]

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It’s Here! Our Conversation with Allen Schoen, DVM, Author of the Compassionate Equestrian

A fascinating comment from Dr. Schoen in this conversation: If we don’t shift and heal our hearts and minds and come from a truly compassionate place for all beings, it all gets filtered. And that’s what I started seeing in the horse world. Every horse licks me and kisses me after I help them… but […]

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My Interview with Allen Schoen, DVM, Author of the Compassionate Equestrian

Liquid Crystalline Collagen theory and the relationship of our understanding of TTouch In this interview I talk with Dr. Allen Schoen, author of the fascinating book The Compassionate Equestrian about the liquid crystalline collagen theory and its relationship to what we do in TTouch. Dr.Schoen is an international speaker and teacher of holistic veterinary medicine […]

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