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Watch Our Six Macaques Online Book Club Meeting

The video of our online Book Club meeting about our newest e-book, “Six Macaques” is up! You can view it in its entirety here: I am looking forward to reading your comments!

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TTouch Ear Work and the Trigeminal Nerve

This is fantastic validation for what happens when we do Ear TTouch. You will be happy you took the time once you begin Touching your ears with new awareness!! According to Elinor Silverstein in her blog post, The trigeminal nerve is the largest cranial nerve of the total 12 cranial nerves coming from the brain. […]

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Thursday’s Online Book Club: Six Macaques

I am thrilled to have this story now available through Amazon Kindle and so grateful to Carol Lang for caring for these six amazing Macaque monkeys who graced our lives in the TTouch office under the watchful eyes of Carol for many years. The story is a collection of my newsletter reports from my first […]

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Tellington TTouch World Linda Tellington-Jones

Watch Our “How To” Videos on Vimeo

It’s a big, big world. Many of you just cannot make it to our trainings, no matter how far and wide we try to present them. We are aware that this makes it difficult to visualize many of the techniques involved in the Tellington TTouch® Method. If you’ve ever wanted to figure out how to […]

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