22 Days After New Years’ Fireworks Trauma, Lakshmi Gets TTouch Relief

I want to share with you the story of Lakshmi, a beautiful dog who is bolted from her home on New Year’s eve and ran for many miles. She ran so far so fast that she wore her pads down. As you will read below, Lakshmi was still stressed when I met her this past Sunday (22 days later!) at New Thought Center of Hawaii. After I worked on Lakshmi for about 20 minutes, her whole attitude changed. Her tail came up. She was trotting around, looking around, and no longer acting traumatized. TTouch is such a gift. The story is beautifully told by Lakshmi’s person, Nikki Spencer.

Lakshmi taking Epsom Salt baths

Aloha Linda,
That was a true miracle on Sunday: thank you so much. Lakshmi has been perfectly fine ever since almost like it never happened. I really appreciate you and your work. Here’s the story:

Lakshmi was scared of the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and ran the pads off the bottom of her paws. They were bloody and very sore and so she had a hard time walking. I had put salves and bandaids on them, done epsom salt foot baths (pictured), and everything I could to help her.

On Sunday morning she was shaking when I was changing her dressings and she kept shaking. I wasn’t going to even attend Sunday service at New Thought Center of Hawaii that day because of it.  My friend Maryna said, “Isn’t Linda Tellington-Jones going to be the presenter there today? You should see if she could help Lakshmi.”

Linda graciously stayed after the service with about 10 of us and taught us her internationally-renowned TTouch Technique…and she worked with Lakshmi for over half an hour.  Afterwards Lakshmi and I went to the beach and she acted like nothing was ever wrong! She was running around and as happy as she was before the incident.

Linda taught us many TTouch techniques: where to do it for what… there was a lot of emotional healing happening as well as physical.
Mahalo nui loa Linda!
It was truly like a small miracle.
– Nikki


Listening to the work

Face TTouches

Tail TTouches

Ear TTouches

Ear TTouches

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