A Birthday Message and Heart Hug

Dear TTouch Family, red_heart_trivet

It’s a lovely German custom that on one’s birthday, the birthday girl gives gifts to all her friends. So I have been musing all day over what I could send to all of you who belong to this world wide TTouch Family who are passionate about animals, and dedicated to making a difference on the planet.

First of all, I send my love, and my deepest appreciation for each of you around the globe who recognize the gifts our animals bring to our lives. It is such a blessing for me, and such an honor to know you, and to share this passion.

Roland and me on June 30, 2009

Roland and me on June 30, 2009

This morning I took time to enter the world of the brilliantly colored fish who make their home in the waters off Hawaii. Roland and Sandy Rakowitz and I snorkeled at The Place of Refuge, and I counted 31 varieties of fish. At the edge of the lava, where we slipped into the water, was a sign asking swimmers to respect the dolphins and give them space while they circle in the bay as they sleep. Amazing to think they can swim and sleep!!

I love swimming with the dolphins off the boat as we do each February with our TTouch groups, and we went out with Captain China on the Sunlight On Water boat last week to give Sandy the amazing experience of spending time with dolphins in the wild. But I must say, as thrilling as that is, I get the same joy from snorkeling with the pairs and small schools of fish while they make their way thru their coral homes.

As I was swimming this morning I was sending Heart Hugs to all of you and thinking of each part of the world where I have had the joy of interacting with you. Way down south in South Africa, and Botswana, and Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, (I name them separately because I am thinking of you in these spots on the earth) and all over Canada, and every state where we have trainings in the U.S. (I won’t name them but I am moving around the map in my mind as I write this and thinking of all of you in each of these states), and Mexico, and Russia and Japan and Israel, and Ivo in Venezuela, and Italy and France and Australia. And I send love to all the dogs and kitties and horses I’ve had the privilege of connecting with in my travels. Just thinking of you all makes me giggle with joy!!

I wanted to choose a card for you all from my deck of animal cards from South Africa, but I can’t find them, and so, for the first time, I am using a small deck of Power Animals from Mollie R. Kent. They were a gift last year.

I chose ELEPHANT: Ancient Power, Strength, Royalty, Smell, Social

Elephant is feminine energy with a society similar to ours. Loyalty to family members, ability to help elderly, sick and offspring. They teach us to develop a community. Look at your family issues. Is nurturing needed? Do you need to examine your family values?

Affirmation: I will examine my family position; have the strength to make necessary changes and guidance to create a beneficial environment for all those I love.

When I read this card I realized it could refer to our individual families or our greater TTouch family. And what I have been missing is a way to communicate with you all – around the world – not just by sending Heart Hugs – but connecting through the internet. I am in the process of working on a series of teleconferences with Sandy Rakowitz (who did the first one last month) so that we can all stay closer in touch, share the wealth of TTouch knowledge for working with our companion animals, horses and humans, and be inspired by the wonderful stories that flow from all corners of the world. We all need that inspiration in order to keep our enthusiasm. I love the definition of enthusiasm as “the breath of God”.

For me enthusiasm is the key to happiness — along with gratitude — and remembering to count my blessings each and every day. It only takes a few minutes and has been shown to make a huge difference in our mental, physical and emotional health.

My inspirational faeries and orchids

My inspirational faeries and orchids

One of my favorite inspirational decks is called the Inner Child Cards: A journey into fairy tales, myth, and nature. So I decided to pick a card for us all from this deck. What “stuck to my fingers” was Jack and the Beanstalk Number X11:

“When this card appears in your reading, see your life and primary relationships from a fresh perspective. Meditate for clarity. Improve your posture and realize that your spine is like a spiritual beanstalk that carries divine impulses up and down your body. Realize that you can conquer giant problems with just a little bit of enlightenment. You can change your world through the power of positive thinking and the ability to visualize yourself steeped in abundance. Turn over a new leaf. Go with the flow. Surrender to your spiritual destiny.”

I am so enjoying this time feeling as though I am talking directly with each one of you who read this message. May this year bring you health and abundance, courage and strength, joy and re-membering the special gifts you bring to the world. Remember that all of us working together can make a difference as we practice understanding, tolerance, forgiveness and love – for ourselves, our animals and our fellow beings who walk this precious planet.

Heart Hugs and Blessings, Elelelinda

PS I started a blog last year, which I have had fun writing, but while I was on the big tour to Equitana, south Africa, Germany and all over the U.S. from March 11 to June 9th I was unable to keep it up. I’ll be back on this summer sharing some of my experiences on my blog, Changing The World One TTouch At A Time.

I so enjoy the yahoo groups we have around the world and try to pop in from time to time but my schedule has been a little overwhelming. For all of you in the companion animal Practitioner Training, I have recently been enjoying the blogs of several of our Companion Animal Practitioners-in-training, and the peppy equine blog of Kim Cox Carneal called Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch. I know there are many blogs out there and I would love to hear from all of you who have blogs so we can list them on our website. I’m home for the summer so I have some time now to check in.

And if you are on facebook or twitter I am beginning to connect. My twitter name is tellingtonjones but friends are having difficulties finding me. It’s just new so it may take some smoothing out. I just found my facebook password after months of trying to reconnect and had a blast today finally confirming dozens of you who had asked me to be your friend. I’m finally connected! Meet you on facebook? Xoxoxoxox


The TTouch Heart Hug Step-by-Step:   red_heart_trivet

• Place one hand on top of the other with palms at the center of your chest over your heart chakra. Visualize the face of a clock on your chest, under your hands, with six o-clock at the bottom of the circle closest to the ground.

• Beginning at six o-clock, inhale and exhale while slowly and gently pushing the skin in a circle and a quarter, (in which ever direction feels best to you) with a consistent rhythm, stopping at 9 o’clock.

•Take another deep breath in and out with your hands remaining quietly at the 9 o-clock position.

• Take a few normal breaths and focus on the air going in and out of your lungs.

• Repeat the Heart Hug several times followed by quiet focus on your breathing.

When you feel at peace, send a prayer of Thanksgiving for all the beings on the planet, with the message “Remember Your Perfection” from that quiet place after each Heart Hug.

Love and blessings,


© 2009, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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