A Christmas Message of Hope

hope-copyDearest TTouch Family and Friends,

This has been one of the best years of my life in spite of the November elections that brought shock to about half of our country and hope to the other half. What has kept me from a state of despair has been my daily practice of choosing to see a half-empty glass as half-full. This practice is at the core of the TTouch philosophy.

For Thanksgiving I was asked to share a message of hope with a video on Facebook in response to the chaos and confusion from which so many are still reeling. The practices I find comforting are a part of the TTouch philosophy. My go-to exercise is filling an imaginary half-empty glass to overflowing with the blessings and miracles and lessons I experience each day.

The lessons that fit so well for me this Christmas season are:
Release of Judgement,
and Gratitude.

I invite you to join me in practicing:
• Compassion for all those who are in despair.
• Forgiveness and Release of Judgement for those who do not think as we do.
• And Gratitude even for the smallest gifts I receive each day.

I choose to consciously focus on the positive, thanks to inspiration from Gregg Braden’s life-changing books, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief. His premise, based on Quantum Science, that “Every thought, every feeling, every emotion and every belief” has an effect on our entire world. Each time we choose to see the positive makes a difference.

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