A Message From The Spirit of the Horse

Today I will be featured at the opening of a horse expo – the first of its kind – called Equorius – meaning the age of the horse from May 6 – 9. The website is Equorius.com.

Roland and I just met Naomi Kutcharsky “by accident” at breakfast and shared the message FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE HORSE. This whole expo is organized with the idea of bringing together people who honor the spirit of horses. It is the first time that this has been done and Naomi, who composed my Atlantis poem into a song, will be singing the song as an opening after my opening presentation at 4:00 pm today. I eventually plan to have the song up here on my blog for you to download.

At 4:00 pm I will enter the arena with a group of children and talk to them about Animal Ambassadors and the message of honoring the spirit of horses (and dogs). Please pass along this MESSAGE FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE HORSE. I received it in 1984 and it had a profound effect on the beginning of my long journey of changing my attitude. I always thought I was nice to horses, but still used “thunder” by whacking them on the chest or sometimes on the nose if they were not obedient. Today I would not consider doing that. It’s just not necessary.

I have learned to speak to the horses “as thought they can understand, and they do”- by making a clear picture of the behavior I need to be safe and work in harmony.

I do this from the heart – consciously feeling the emotion of joy and gratitude I will feel as the horse or other animal understands. There is a very nice explanation of this process in the little book called: Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer by Gregg Braden. The horse (or dog or kitty or turtle or other animals) gets the picture when the message comes from the heart.

I received this message from THE SPIRIT OF THE HORSE while in a session with Chris Griscom at the Light Institute in Galisteo, New Mexico. Through my closed eyes I “saw” the head of a beautiful grey horse with a large, soft, dark eye. That eye merged with my eye and I spoke the following words. They are directed to ALL people who love and honor horses. I believe this message applies to all animals.

Just remember to speak to your animals as though they can understand, because they CAN.

You can enlarge the message by clicking on it or click here to download a PDF

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