A Message of Hope for Thanksgiving

For the past few weeks following the November 8th election, Half of our citizens have been reeling in a state of shock, questioning how to go forward, experiencing a state of helplessness.
And many of our ttouch family around the world have been shocked by the outcome.

What has kept me from a state of despair has been my daily practice of choosing to see a half-empty glass as half-full. I manage that by filling an imaginary Half-empty glass with the blessings and miracles I experience each day.

The practice of “seeing” a half empty glass itself fool,has been particularly poignant for me after inviting five refugees – from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan into my TTouch-for-human-health-care class near Vienna, Austria in September. After hearing their stories I increased the number of blessings I count to five, from the three Roland and I have been sharing daily for almost 2 decades.

On the eve of this Thanksgiving day, thinking of the feeling of helplessness that countless Americans, many who have to work three jobs in order to survive, begs the question, “how can I make a positive contribution in this challenging time?”

I am heartened and inspired by a life-changing sentence in one of Gregg Braden’s many inspiring books, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief:

Every thought, every feeling, every emotion, and every belief” that each one of us holds, does make a difference.

And when I combine that with the famous quote by Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, I know that by counting my blessings and filling that half-empty glass with positive thoughts, you and I can make a positive change.

I have been sharing this concept in my TTouch classes for horses, dogs, and humans for more than a decade.

“How do I do it?” you might ask if you have not attended one of my classes.

By practicing the TTouch Heart Hugs that bring me to a state of Heart Coherence that activates my parasympathetic nervous system, overriding feelings of fear or frustration or helplessness.
If you do not know about HeartMath Institute go online and check out their programs and books and EmWave that have had a huge influence on my life for the last 19 years since I first signed up for a weekend training.

I have Incorporated their concept of a special form of breathing and thoughts of sending compassion, Care, and appreciation to someone or something or a place in nature for which you are deeply grateful.

The TTouch Heart can take you from a place of fear, panic, hopelessness A place of peace – from the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight or freeze or faint or fool around matter of minute from the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight or freeze or faint or fool around, in a matter of minutes.


1. imagine the face of a clock on your heart chakra (on your chest) and place the imaginary numbers six, nine, twelve and three, with the number six at the bottom of the imaginary o’clock.

2. Place one hand over the other in your most comfortable position, and move the skin -very lightly- around the face of the clock – in whichever direction feels best to you.

3. Breathe deeply and slowly as you move the skin around the face of the imaginary clock, while sending gratitude, and care, and compassion to someone or something or a special place in nature for which you are grateful.

And I include sending compassion to all beings on the planet humans and animals who may be in a particular place of need.

In addition, I Trust that all the chaos so many are feeling at this time is part of a Divine universal plan that is beyond what I can imagine, but that we have all contributed two in one way or another.

What gets me through the darkest of times is the deep knowing I hold:

I am not just a human being with a soul.
I am a soul living the human experience.

This belief, and the active sending of compassion and prayers for all being give me a sense of hope.

And of course I am committed to joining in every way possible – in my community and through social media – for reaching out and helping each other protect this precious planet and the programs that support education and protect and assist those not as fortunate as I.

May this Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas season bring you a sense of peace and understanding that we are all One with Divine Spirit And that each one of us can make a positive difference with the practice of counting our blessings each day.

Heart hugs and aloha from Hawaii, Linda

© 2016, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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