A Steady Diet of TTouch and Custom Chow Keep Gertie the Doxie Spunky

This is the type of story that keeps me inspired and dedicated to travelling the globe sharing Tellington TTouch. Thank you Linda Troup, for the wonderful work you are doing and your willingness to take the time to share your experiences. It gives many people hope.

Linda Troup and Elektra

I’m in Germany at the moment teaching a TTouch for You (humans), and then headed to Jordan in one week to give a fundraising presentation for the Princess Alia Foundation. On the Saturday, June 5th I’m teaching a one day TTouch training for dogs in Silver Spring, Maryland, and on Sunday I will be giving a demo and book signing for a fund-raiser for a local humane society.

If you’re into horses I invite you to join me for the 4th annual Tellington TTouch Training for horses at Pam Woolley’s FlyAway Stables equine center in Middleburg, Virginia.

Me, Sallie Edwards, and Pam Woolley

Check our website for details on upcoming trainings and appearances.

Here’s the story from Linda Troup:

I want to share something remarkable. I have had 3 sessions with the little Doxie with the tumor. Gertie is 15 -17 years old, blind, mostly deaf and with an inoperable tumor. But she is spunky and has a real zest for life.

Gertie came to me through Cami, the dog with the 45 degree pitch to her spine.

Gertie - "After" (May 19)

Medically nothing is being done to treat her tumor. The vets said nothing can be done. She is on a custom made diet by Sabine Contreras of Better Dog Care. Sabine made her a diet specific for cancer patients. Gertie has had the diet and TTouch only. Who knows how much of each contributed to the success or if it is a blend of the two. Either way her owner, LeeAnne is beside herself with joy. LeeAnne is the owner of Rowdy (another Doxie) that had a reaction to a bite and LeeAnne and her daughter saved her life using ear TTouches on the way to the vet.

We used touches all over Gertie’s body but concentrated Raccoon Touches on her tumor. I focused on asking her cells to remember their perfection. LeeAnne was very dedicated in doing the work between our visits and this is the result of our joint effort for Gertie.

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