Amazing Animal Story Vol. 1: Pud the Maine Coon

I love reading the stories that friends send me about some amazing animals. When My friend, Jane Reed, sent me this marvelous story of her three-legged Maine Coon kitty Pud. Jane’s statement that “I could tell him to go clean the mud off of his paws on a towel and he would march right over and do it” made me think of some of the special felines I have known.  I am sharing Jane’s story with you in the hope that some of you reading this will tell the tale of your precious “pudder”.
 I thought you might like to read the story of Pud. Here we are at age 17 (him, not me). I ran over him by accident when he was 6 weeks old, and the vet  thought we could possibly sew his leg back on, but that it would be a long, complicated, expensive recovery.  Everyone told me to put him down. I refused. He ended up with 6 operations in 6 months, each one which he awoke from, jumped off the table, and ate an entire can of cat food (the vet had never seen this). He lost his leg, then his scapula, and had a variety of other problems. But like Mugs, he remained cheerful under all the trauma. When I broke my pelvis, they told me he would have to come home and live in a cage with a litter box because he wouldn’t be able to move. If you remember Charlie brought him home, and in one day he had jumped up on the hospital bed with me, where he and I spent the next 6 weeks recovering. We were bonded for life. He jumped off and went to the litter box, and jumped back on. He was the start of my life long love affair with Maine Coons. He came when I called him, rarely left my side , and loved to be picked up and danced with. I could tell him to go clean the mud off of his paws on a towel and he would march right over and do it. He could read my mind, and I think I could most of the time I could read his. I think how less rich my life would have been had I not spent the money saving Pud.

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