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I was lucky to spend some time with my friend Kate Riordan before and after the Tevis Cup 100-Miles One-Day Western States Trail Ride on August 1. It was a fantastic and much-needed interlude for the both of us as we caught up on recent times and remembered old times. As you know our Kate Riordan was diagnosed with Lyme disease 22 months ago and has spent 70% of that time in much pain.

When you read this description of the pain Kate is often experiencing, perhaps you can understand why I have not known what to write. Because one day her pain level may be at a 6 to 10 – and other days a 10/10 as she describes here. As I have told her many times, in spite of this terrible pain, her mind is clear. That is worth gold when you know about the brain fog of Lyme disease. And please, please take Lyme seriously. So many doctors are still totally unaware of this epidemic and don’t even know it has been rampant in many parts of California for many years. Be cautious and be aware to wear protective clothing and do not pick ticks off your animals with your bare hands or squash them – put them in oil rather than flush them down the toilet.

By Kate Riordan
I’ve had chronic Lyme Disease for about 22 months. It’s been a horrifying journey, with excruciating pain, overwhelming exhaustion, swollen joints, inability to walk, inability to see or read, seizures, joint pain beyond belief, bacteria-induced rage, sleeplessness and an inability to tolerate light and sound. When the spirochete bacteria passed the blood/brain barrier, for almost four months an incapacity to talk, think, read, and execute cognitive reasoning struck like a blow from hell. I couldn’t find words and often didn’t recognize faces. I just stewed in my bed.
To put it into a nutshell, my life imploded, shriveled and deteriorated. I literally spent 22 hours a day in bed, unable to function. Just getting up to go to the bathroom took me 20 minutes to convince myself that I could do it. I couldn’t drive, nor could I walk without leaning on a walker and dragging my feet an inch at a time. Living alone complicated matters, but my dear friends (and my constant canine companion Taylor) kept me from the edge. During this time I fired 16 doctors and kept looking for the right ones, which wasn’t easy. I explored all sorts of medical and non-traditional “cures;” everyone, it seemed, had a “silver bullet” remedy. Some I tried, many I didn’t. I was desperate.
I call Lyme the LOUD disease. It shouts “HEY! You won’t have enough energy to brush your teeth!” Or “HEY! The pain in your legs will make you scream” Or “HEY! I’m disconnecting your brain!” But one of the most peculiar things that happened was a feeling of complete disassociation with my legs. I literally looked at my legs one day and didn’t recognize them, nor did I feel as though they were attached to my body.
After all the odd things that had happened during my journey with Lyme, I wasn’t surprised by feeling as though those legs weren’t mine. I had grown, sadly, to accept all weirdness about Lyme.
However, not feeling attached to one’s legs isn’t right, is it. So I thought, “Okay, Kate, now what?” As I reviewed all possibilities, it came to me that since 1976 I had had remarkable success (mostly with horses) with the wonderful world of TTouch and its magical, transformational ability to change the body and its behavior, starting from the cellular level. What could I lose? With TTouch, I could stay in bed and simply use my hands.
Before I begin my description of TTouching my legs, I implore you to truly trust your intuition when inviting TTouch to help. If one TTouch isn’t quite right and you sense it rather than know it, move on to a different place or a different TTouch. Don’t get stuck! As one brilliant friend said, “Intuition is an accepted form of intelligence.” Trust yourself! Trust your intuition!
As an aside, when Linda first taught me the philosophy and techniques of TTouch, we would joke that the TTouch instructions should come with a bottle of oil that is applied before using the TTouches. It’s a hard concept for people to understand that simply TTouching with intention can work magic and miracles! But if people applied the oil, it undoubtedly would have prompted an “Aha! It’s the oil that works” response from many!
As I began exploring my legs with various TTouches, I became more and more curious. What felt comfortable on my thighs didn’t feel as comfortable on my ankle. I began to differentiate which TTouch was best for fleshy tissue, best for muscles, joints, bone, ligaments and nerves. It was interesting to explore the different parts of my legs and to trust which TTouch made a difference in how my entire leg then felt.
The Tarantula Pulling The Plow TTouch was effective over the fleshy part of my thigh, and it was also fun to watch as my thumb and fingers gathered a fold of flesh and “walked” it toward my knee. And lo and behold, that flesh began to feel alive; it didn’t really tingle, but I felt as though the nerves were starting to light up. As Linda Tellington-Jones has said for years, the wisdom within each of our trillions of cells can literally “light up” as each cell remembers its perfection.
TTouching my shin bones was a challenge; the spirochete bacteria had literally “screwed” its spiral shape into the bone, which enabled the bacteria to hide from the antibiotics. Honest. These leg bones were really sensitive to touch, which is a polite way of saying they hurt like heck, so I began by just cupping my hand and gently holding it on the bone. When I sensed that the bone was then receptive to other input, I kept my hand still cupped over the bone and did very light clockwise TTouch circles, taking a long time to complete the 1-1/4 circles before moving ever-so-slightly to another part of the bone and beginning the holding-then-TTouching process. I think the “holding” part of this pattern develops trust in the leg, which in my opinion, is a critical element in the success of TTouch.
Touching my knees raised emotions that ranged from hopeful to wanting to scream profanity. My knees are the lynch-pin to me being able to walk again. There are mornings when it takes 40 minutes to put a heating pad on my knees, do a few TTouches, and wait for my knees to literally unlock.
My knees go from feeling hot to a normal temperature. Most of the time they look very swollen — almost as large as my thighs. But they aren’t “squishy” with fluid; they feel as though they’ve been injected with cement and are solid and swollen. The spirochete bacteria in Lyme disease literally “hides” in joints, and I know that my knees, the weakest link in my body in the moment, are harboring a huge amount of bacteria. When beginning my TTouch session with my knees, I ask for guidance. I cup both hands over one knee, just holding them in place as I envision the spirochetes dying off and all the cells lighting up in perfect health. I also need to remind myself to breathe deeply. I am so anxious (okay, desperate) to get well that I often hold my breath or breathe too shallowly. Years ago Linda taught me to either whistle or sing while riding a horse under challenging situations (like a small jump or an obstacle) so I would have to breathe. Simple answer from a brilliant teacher!
Then I proceed to use the palms of both hands to make large circles on my knee, using more and more pressure with each circle until I know that more pressure would be too much. I haven’t used my fingertips on my knees yet; perhaps it’s my overwhelming worry about my knees ever getting better so I can walk again. Because the knees feeling like cement, I just use my palms — for now.
The calves of my legs were receptive to the whole “zoo” of TTouch, so it was a free-for-all carnival ride on my calves. I tried just about every TTouch in the book with varying pressures, enjoying the names of the TTouches as I imagined the parade of animals waltzing over my calves. Again, my intuitive side kept going back to certain TTouches, and I trusted that this “realm of knowing” was guiding me.
My feet were an interesting journey. I’ve always had attractive feet, and paid attention to keeping the heels free of callouses and the toenails resplendent with color. But since my walking gait has become so impacted by the Lyme, I watched my feet change over these 20 months. First my right foot was affected with “drop foot” so my foot was dragging along with the toes bent under. My toes were now becoming crooked and odd looking. I spent time sitting on the edge of my bed, pressing downward on my toes in hopes that they would bound back to their normal posture. I would cross my legs and hold my foot in my lap, working each toe with TTouches and rotating motions.
Then my right leg regained its normal function and footfall, and my right foot was once again the Belle of the Ball.
Then my left leg developed an odd gait delivery and a drop foot posture, worse than the right foot. Sigh. It came to the point where I now wear a brace on my calf and foot because the leg’s swirling-then-plopping motion was so severe. So now I spend time with each swollen foot (it’s that filled-with-cement thing) and work on the toes. The top of each foot (is there an anatomical name for that?) looks like a pudgy sponge. I use TTouches on that area that employ my fingernails, thinking that the nails will mush around the fluid and wake up the foot’s proper function.
Is my left foot any better? Not yet. But I’ll keep trying.
Now. The bottom of my feet. It’s like an entire movie set on the bottom of our feet, with a map of our body and all its functions! Here’s the make-up department, here’s the sound department, here’s the editing booth. It takes all these elements to make a movie, and it takes everything outlined on the bottom of our feet to make all the whizzing and whirring necessary for our bodies to function.
So before I began the TTouch journey on the bottom of my feet, I punched all the obligatory buttons on my cell phone to view a reflexology chart of the feet. I recommend that you all do it! It’s like a map to a treasure chest! So off we went — me, TTouches and my cell phone propped up on a pillow.
Trying the marvelous varieties of TTouches on my feet was so rewarding. First this TTouch, then another, delighting in what I was feeling and envisioning. From using the pad of just one finger, then just one fingernail, then two knuckles at a time — yahoo! I felt as though I had successfully careened through a fascinating tour of my body.
Did all this TTouch exploration cure my Lyme? No.
Did it allow me to walk? No.
TTouch did, however, give me hope. It gave me a feeling of connection to my body. It made me feel as though these legs, as compromised as they are in the moment, will function wholly again.
TTouch — its philosophy about life in its many forms and its method of addressing mind, body and spirit — is with me always. It has broken down barriers between people. It has given me a way to communicate with animals unlike anything else on the planet. It has given me a way to express myself through words, thoughts and prayers. It is so much more than something found on page 85 of a manual. TTouch is a living spirit, accessible by everyone, and connected directly to the God realm.
I, for one, am eternally grateful for the extraordinary role that TTouch and Linda Tellington-Jones have played in my life.
TTouch? Amen to that!

During our Tevis Cup visit, Kate had been suffering from Drop Foot for many weeks and needed to consciously move her foot with much focus and effort while lacking sensation in the leg or foot but still feeling the pain.

She was experiencing her nightly horrific 8 or 9 pain in the hips when I began TTouch. In the end there was a pain of 2 out of 10 and she could feel her feet and shin bones for the first time in 8 months.  I spent 3 hours doing TTouch on Kate’s tight leg from the hip to the tips of her toes. I did TTOUCH through a wet towel wrung out with hot water. When I finished I wrapped the towel around her foot and swollen ankle and wrapped the towel with plastic wrap to keep it moist all night.

Touching Kate's feet with the cocoon plastic wrap swaddle

Touching Kate’s feet with the cocoon plastic wrap swaddle

I then TTouched the sides of her right foot and she said the felt earthed. First her toes began to feel little sparks of light and then the sides of her shin bone began to light up. When I finished her knees had no pain and felt fluid as opposed to the cement feeling she has had for months.

Kate had been doing TTouch on her legs and it has helped considerably but the pain had often stopped her.

If you are experiencing pain and want to practice the basic one-and-a-quarter circle TTouches, press carefully around the area of pain to establish the area that is effected, press with just enough contact that you flinch slightly. And then do a TTouch with slightly less pressure so the contact does not make you hold your breath or grimace. The light pressure will activate your body’s own brilliance for ideal function. Recent studies have shown that light contact with the body activates oxytocin – the hormone that is being called the hormone for healing and hope – as well as the trust hormone. One of the keys for success is holding an attitude of gratitude – and the emotion of joy.

For more information visit our page on  TTouch for human health and you can see some short videos on our TTouch YouTube channel.
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In 2016 I am teaching 3 trainings for human TTouch:

At our home in Hawaii Feb 9-14, in Minneapolis and Virginia (dates to be announced, so stay tuned!)
Thousands of people have had success by doing TTouch on themselves by applying what they learned for their dogs or horses or kitties, or by reading one of my books.

Remember as Kate does to send appreciation and love to your body and that may mean you must treat yourself with the care and respect you would give to a beloved animal or person -someone other than yourself. Learning to love yourself is one of the greatest challenges for most of us.

I would love to receive your feedback. Hearing your stories is most inspiring.




© 2015, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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