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Equitana: A Tellington TTouch Tradition

I’m looking forward to presenting at Equitana in Essen, Germany where I will be a featured presenter for the seventeenth time since mid-1970 .   For those of you unfamiliar with Equitana, it is unlike any other Horse Expo in the world, in size, scale, and scope.  I look forward to meeting up with Facebook friends […]

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Autumn European Tour: Tellington TTouch with Frederic Pignon

Approximately 100 auditors from Germany, Italy and all over France signed up for the unique clinic on Oct 20th weekend that included working with Magali, with me, and with Frederic. Each day Fred worked with 12 students, with one session in the early morning with 6 students and a second session with 6 different students […]

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Patching the Pain Away: Using Lifewave Pain Patches as a complement to TTouch

When Robyn first introduced me to the pain patches several years ago, I pricked up my ears. I was impressed, but I thought, “We have TTouch, so why do we need pain patches?” But I have changed my mind dramatically since have seeing one remarkable example of pain relief from the IceWave patches. And now […]

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Jasmine the Rescue Dog: Cared for to Carer

 I am frequently asked some thought-provoking questions. “Do I believe that animals are capable of emotions like we humans?” The answer is yes. Some poignant memories that come to mind in response to that question:Our Great Dane, Tiger’s obvious look of guilt when he ate a whole roast beef I had foolishly left on the […]

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Experiencing the Joy of Riding in Italy: European Fall Tour Highlights pt.1

I spent most of September and October teaching all over Europe.  It was wonderful and there were many exciting demos, workshops, and events with old friends and many new face.  Here is Part 1 of my European Tour Highlights! September 4th to 8th 2012 I taught an exciting riding clinic in Udine, Italy organized and […]

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A Veterinarian’s Perspective: TTouch Ahead of Its Time

We know how effective the Tellington TTouch® Training can be for enhancing behavior, performance, and well-being, as well as developing a really special connection between horses and humans. For over 30 years we have received countless success stories from horse folks from around the world which have been recorded in the TTEAM Connections Newsletter published […]

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The Question of Euthanasia : Helping Animals Cross the Rainbow Bridge

Barbara Beck posted on my Tellington TTouch World Facebook site in reference to the Mugs blog and the question of euthanasia or a natural end-of-life. “It’s a beautiful story but leaves me with a huge question mark as to what you are trying to tell us?” Dear Barbara, Thanks for your question. Jane was very sorry […]

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Elephant memories

Tellington TTouch Equine Practitioner, Tina Hutton, recently alerted me to a fascinating study on elephant intelligence posted on Discovery News Video on Animals: Elephants Show Cooperation on Test. Check it out! Tina has been teaching TTouch and riding for more than two decades and is an MBS Feldenkrais Practitioner incorporating cutting-edge concepts in her trainings. Tina commented: “Very interesting research. […]

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The Story of Mugs – A beloved kitty, teacher to the end.

  I am sharing my longtime friend’s, Jane, story about her beloved Kitty Mugs and the journey she went through during his cancer diagnosis and eventual passing.  Nearly everyone who has enjoyed animals as a part of their lives will relate to the difficult decisions that can arise due to terminal illness, severe injury, or […]

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Pack Your Problems in a Bundle

Over the years I have received many messages from Nature and the Fairy realm, many in the form of poems.   My home has many beautiful reminders of these inspirations.  If you are not aware of the gifts and connections available from nature spirits, check out the role they played in the development of Findhorn Foundation […]

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