Book Club

Welcome to our online book club!


Along with Tellington TTouch and Feldenkrais Practitioner Elinor Silverstein, I began the club in October of 2015. Our goal is to share and explore the books that shaped my thinking in the formation to TTouch as well as those which are adding to the scientific knowledge which supports the work we do today.
These meetings are like having coffee or tea with me, while we all think aloud to share my favorite writings. Together we meld many ways of understanding science and spirituality and possibly create higher thinking and healing for our world around us, if not for ourselves. We have vigorous discussions and many meditative and contemplative moments.

We only ask people to bring their open minds and hearts to our discussions. If they can manage to read most of the book, or even parts that fit for them, then it is even better, but not completely required. You can always follow up our meetings by reading the book, as you will bring a new understanding to the material having already discussed it. 

Book Club meetings are held through Zoom Video Conferencing, which is a very easy way to share an online presence. Why not take a minute right now and register so you’ll be ready to attend the next meeting?

You can see previous recordings of our books clubs on Elinor’s YouTube Channel.

Announcements of the next meetings will be made here and on my blog, as well as on Facebook, giving you plenty of time to sign up. I do hope you will join us as our discussions have been lively and illuminating. The more minds concentrating on a given topic the better!

Below you will find videos of our previous book club meetings: