Helping Horses: The Magic of Ear TTouches

Olympic Equestrian Ingrid Klimke uses Ear TTouches on her horse. Photo by Gabriele Metz

My last blog entry described some instances in which TTouch was an invaluable tool for people suffering from asthma.  Writing about those experiences reminded me of one that involved a horse who essentially suffered an asthma attack of his own and was relieved by the magic of TTouch.

Four years ago Roland and I were visiting Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon at their home in southern France. Our friend, Gabriele Boiselle was with us with another photographer friend of hers.  One day we went to visit the herd of Magali’s parents and Gabriele’s friend asked if it was possible to bring the 35 year old senior stallion out into a paddock where she could photograph him.

When brought out into the paddock the stallion went into respiratory distress after whinnying and trumpeting frantically.

When the stallion came out he saw a mare in a nearby paddock he got got very excited and began trumpeting. Suddenly his breath caught and he became panicked, as though he could not catch his breath. His breath came in deep gasps and his flanks began to heave. He was lead quickly into the stall and Magali’s father tried rubbing his flank as thought to help him deepen his breathing and catch his breath but to no avail.

Gabriele Boiselle explaining to Joleen and Perot Delgado the effects of the Ear work to regulate respiration, digestion and relieve pain.

I had not said anything to this point because Magali’s father had no idea that I have had considerable experience with such an emergency. However, when it was clear that the horse would collapse in a moment, I stepped in and asked if I could work his ears. After 4 or 5 vigorous slides from the base of the ear to the tip, the stallion was able to take a deep breath and his breathing suddenly stabilized.  He recovered quickly and regained his composure, much to the amazement of everyone watching.


Working the ears helped to stabilize respiration and heart rate.

Since 1958 when I brought my mare Bint Gulida out of shock, by intuitively doing ear slides that ended a 4 day impaction, Ear TTouches has been successfully applied in emergencies for horses, dogs, cats and people.

My vet, Dr. Santos, was standing by to put the mare down because in those days colic surgery was not an option. I had asked for a few minutes to say goodbye and my hands had intuitively gone to the ears because they were ice cold and soaking wet with sweat.

It was 21 years later that I met Dr. Krueger in Southern Germany and heard about the effects of the Triple Heater Meridian that runs around the base of the ear and how working the ear effects the respiration, digestion and much more.

The gift of the Ear TTouches is that it cannot hurt and in so many cases makes a huge difference in stablizing the animal’s vital signs, minimizing shock, and reducing distress.  Remembering the simple technique of gently stroking the ears out to the side, one at a time, can be an incredible tool while waiting for the vet or en route to a clinic.


I demonstrated the ear TTouches on myself first.










Then showed Joleen how they felt on herself.


A diagram demonstrating the Ear TTouches for horses.


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