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The CA Equine and Animal Bodyworkers Right to Work Is in Danger: Act Now!

This petition was just forwarded to me in Germany from Richard Newton. Thank you Richard!  September 10 is a pivotal day if you value your right to choose the type of therapy your animals receive. If you are an animal bodyworker, the outcome will directly affect your ability to do your job. The California Veterinary […]

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The Bitterroot Training: A Review in Photos

The intention of the Tellington Training at Bitterroot Ranch this past June was to prepare five Arabian four-year-old mares for a lifetime as safe, trusting saddle horses for the Bitterroot Ranch guests. The second T in TTouch stands for TRUST, so it was as it always is our intention to instill in these young horses an absolute […]

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Fred nostrilsIMG_2260 copy

Mouth Work and Nostril TTouch for “Mouthiness”

This year on my birthday I received the following enthusiastic message demonstrating an effective method for reducing stress with Tellington TTouch® on a horse’s mouth. It’s surprising that many experienced horsemen and women are not aware that “mouthiness” is a sign of stress. I was fortunate to read a report from Texas A&M Veterinary School […]

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Horses Helping Children with Autism: Horse Boy World

At my horse workshop in Cedar Creek, Texas the end of October I had the pleasure of having Horse Boy program director, Iliane Lorenz and interns in the 4-day training along with two of their wonderful horses from The Horse Boy program, Spirit and Marvel. After my training I went to visit Their center, just […]

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Finding the Spring in Your Senior Horse’s Step with Bridleless Riding

This mare came into my Swiss day long demo last year because her rider said she was stiff and resistant to going on the bit and did not have any spring in her step like she used to. She was riding her on a contact and pushing her forward into the bit with her seat […]

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Dressage Book

Rave Reviews for Dressage with Mind, Body, and Soul: A 21st-Century Approach…

Dear TTouch Family! Yippee! I am so thrilled. Dressage with Mind, Body, and Soul: A 21st-Century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding, Training, and Competing (Paperback) is the Book of the Month  for Dressage Today Magazine and I understand it is now available from and I hope Amazon Kindle too. Hilary Moore Hebert, senior editor, Dressage Today wrote:  Anyone who […]

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TTouch in the Dressage Realm: Twenty Years of success with Klaus Balkenhol

  Equitana is very successful once again. Klaus Balkenhol had a marvelous seminar with more than 5000 people Monday evening. His voice and his connection to the horse and rider and to all of us watching with fascination was both inspiring and educational. He mentioned that he is always learning and that he has worked […]

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Equitana: A Tellington TTouch Tradition

I’m looking forward to presenting at Equitana in Essen, Germany where I will be a featured presenter for the seventeenth time since mid-1970 .   For those of you unfamiliar with Equitana, it is unlike any other Horse Expo in the world, in size, scale, and scope.  I look forward to meeting up with Facebook friends […]

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Autumn European Tour: Tellington TTouch with Frederic Pignon

Approximately 100 auditors from Germany, Italy and all over France signed up for the unique clinic on Oct 20th weekend that included working with Magali, with me, and with Frederic. Each day Fred worked with 12 students, with one session in the early morning with 6 students and a second session with 6 different students […]

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Experiencing the Joy of Riding in Italy: European Fall Tour Highlights pt.1

I spent most of September and October teaching all over Europe.  It was wonderful and there were many exciting demos, workshops, and events with old friends and many new face.  Here is Part 1 of my European Tour Highlights! September 4th to 8th 2012 I taught an exciting riding clinic in Udine, Italy organized and […]

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