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TTouch for Performance Horses: Finding a Peaceful Place to Quiet the Mind and Allow for Brilliance

In the spring of 2011 the Xenophon Club sponsored a seminar with me at the Balkenhol Stable near Munster, Germany. During the lunch break Klaus Balkenhol introduced me to Dodo Laugks and suggested I find a time to visit with Dodo and her husband, Dieter at their dressage stable, located thirty minutes drive of Munich.  […]

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Understanding & Appreciation: A new lease on life for Milo the Alaskan Malamute

Milo, a 4 year old Alaskan Malamute came to our client day in Johannesburg with the warning  that he had bitten 2 people and they had been advised by a vet to euthanize him.  When we heard the detalis, however, the story took on a very different tone for us. He had bitten a new […]

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TTouch-ing around the globe: My spring schedule

As I travel around the world, spreading the magic of TTouch, I am blessed with the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and animals.  Here in Germany I am teaching many different species; horses, Companion Animals, as well as humans – in a variety of venues. At the end of the month my husband […]

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Inter-species Connections: Whales & Dolphins, Linda & Keiko

Earlier this year I viewed a YouTube video of interplay between a Humpback whale and a dolphin. This falls in the category of interest to the Wisdom University’s Institute of Inter-species Connections of which I am director. At first viewing there was a question about the intent of this interaction, but it soon became clear […]

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So A WartHog Walks Into A Bar…

This is a rather unusual example of Interspecies Connections. This wild Wart Hog comes into a bar in Zimbabwe on cold nights, grabs a pillow and sleeps in front of the fire, not the least bit bothered by customers. What a clear demonstration of intelligence -“the ability to adapt to new situations (and changing environments!!) […]

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My Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part VII, The Final Installment

10:30–Chimp time. Martin led Tracy and me out to the bush to meet the chimps. When we joined them Tobra ran at Tracy and bit her on the thigh. Patrick went after him with a stick and he “talked back” by running about 10 feet and then turned around and screamed at Patrick. That scared […]

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My Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part VI (Horses)

TODAY’s Horse Session: Sally came readily to greet us, and led much better than yesterday. We took her out of the pasture without another horse. The flies were biting so badly she couldn’t concentrate, so we cut two leafy branches and Linda Siddle brushed flies on one side and I on the other while Tracy […]

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My Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part V (Sally the Horse)

3:30 PM–We drove down to Siddle’s son’s end of the ranch. Tony and Linda run the cows, 800 head of Brahma! They have a feedlot for fattening cattle and showed me the feed. A mixture of corn bran and chicken manure, which contains a very high level of protein. Tony also explained their milking style. […]

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journaling with chimps in Zambia

My 1990 Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part IV

Impressions: Clumps of chimps falling out of the trees following the crack of overloaded branches. The loud rustle of leaves as the chimps break off fruit. And behind the anthill, Harriet has been grunting, playing patticake, tickling, teasing, playing, and wrestling with Tober for over 30 minutes. The sun is shifting and it’s time to […]

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Zambia-Chimps piggy back-LTJ & H. Crosby

My 1990 Zambia Chimpanzee Chronicles, Part III

Dec. 22,Chimfunsi: 6:00 a.m. The alarm gently breaks my dream state. One hour until the chimps go into the forest. Sheila suggested we sleep in and follow them later, but we’ve come half way around the world to find this orphanage. “I can sleep when I’m dead,” Moshe used to say. I dress a little […]

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