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The Long Ride Home (Horse Boy Book 2)

Hurry Up and Read! Online Book Club Discusses The Horse Boy Book 2 August 22

Monday, August 22 at 5 pm PST we will meet online to discuss The Long Ride Home by Rupert Isaacson. See below for details on how to join us. From Amazon: When his son Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson feared they might never communicate. But when he discovered Rowan responded to horses, they […]

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Holy Mackerel! Quantum Possibility!

“Holy Mackerel! Full already!” That’s what I’ve been saying to myself with obvious delight about many of our recent trainings. We’ve experienced a great deal of success and I think I know why. I’ve asked each participant to send a good photograph of their horse from the side, preferably with the rider aboard. It’s so […]

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Oxytocin, the Hormone of Trust, Hope and Healing and the Effects of the Vagus Nerve

Here’s a short video we made when Elinor Silverstein was in Hawaii with me recently and we were discussing my sister Robyn Hood’s book, All Wrapped Up For You and Bruce Lipton’s book, The Honeymoon Effect. Have you heard about Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory? The theory, already 20 years old, replaces our old notions […]

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Dopamine Levels in Your Brain Are Directly Affected by Your Perception

Tellington TTouch Instructor Eugenie Chopin in South Africa sent me this article by Stephan Gardner from Collective Evolution about dopamine. “There are a lot of articles on the internet about dopamine and how it affects your mood, behavior, energy, and focus. What’s not commonly spoken about, however, is how dopamine is affected by your perception.” […]

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Mele Kalikimaka!

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TTouching an old scar

My Day At the Nuernberg Tiergarten

I had such an inspiring day at the Nuremberg Tiergarten (the Zoo). I visited with a lot of animals and was able to help some. Here are some Przewalski Horses. I will write about them more as soon as I can.    

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With Darja and Andre Znidersic at the Lipica State Stud Farm

Here we are with Darja and Andre Znidersic at the Lipica State Stud Farm where they have been working for more than a year at the Lippizaner State Breeding Center. This is one of the beautiful paintings in the restaurant.

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Come Along With Me to Germany and Lichtenstein!

I have been taking lots of photos of my journey and I thought you might like to see a few–it’s so colorful this time of year and the shopping is great!

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Screenshot 2015-08-19 14.19.43

Amen to TTouch for You: From the Desks of Linda and Kate Riordan

  I was lucky to spend some time with my friend Kate Riordan before and after the Tevis Cup 100-Miles One-Day Western States Trail Ride on August 1. It was a fantastic and much-needed interlude for the both of us as we caught up on recent times and remembered old times. As you know our […]

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The History of Ear TTouches

My last two blogs have described some of the amazing results of Ear TTouches for horses & people.  Here is how I first began using them. I first applied ear slides in the case of colic in 1958; it was totally intuitive.  Many years later I was informed by a spectator at one of my […]

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