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Senior care and TTouch: Year long study yields remarkable results

A Report From A Long Term Health Care Facility Study implemented by Diane Gidding, the Wellness & Hospitality Director of the care center has provided some exciting results for the use of TTouch.   Diane had attended TTouch-for-You trainings with me at the University of Minnesota and in Hawaii, and found TTouch to be amazingly helpful for […]

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And Like Any Great Athlete, She Prepared for Competition by Receiving a Vigorous Ear Rub. … Wait, What?

Watching the Russian coach rubbing the ears of Olympic skater, Julia Lipnitskaia before her short program Wednesday night was no surprise to anyone knowing about the regenerating effects of the Tellington TTouch® on the ears of human and animal athletes. The Ear TTouch® (rubs) help calm and focus people as well as animals.  Here is […]

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Horses Helping Children with Autism: Horse Boy World

At my horse workshop in Cedar Creek, Texas the end of October I had the pleasure of having Horse Boy program director, Iliane Lorenz and interns in the 4-day training along with two of their wonderful horses from The Horse Boy program, Spirit and Marvel. After my training I went to visit Their center, just […]

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Helping Horses: The Magic of Ear TTouches

My last blog entry described some instances in which TTouch was an invaluable tool for people suffering from asthma.  Writing about those experiences reminded me of one that involved a horse who essentially suffered an asthma attack of his own and was relieved by the magic of TTouch. Four years ago Roland and I were […]

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Breathing a TTouch Easier: Self-Help for Asthma sufferers

  Recently I received a query about whether or not TTouch can be effective in relieving asthma in people, and if so, how would one go about it.  The answer is yes. We have had considerable success with relieving asthma in people – with the ear work, TTouch on the feet, and on the upper […]

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TTouch for You & Your Dog in Berlin: Changing Your Mind Changes Your Dog

More than 30 dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages brought their friends (of the human variety) on the other end of the leash to attend my “TTouch for You and Your Dog” seminar in Berlin, Germany, on March 17th. TTouch teacher, Katja Kraus (official trainer to the Princess of Dubai) did an outstanding […]

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John Denver Revisited

I’ve been following Peace Troubadour, James Twyman, since reading his inspiring book, Emissary of Light: A Vision of Peace  back in the days when he was risking his life playing Serbian and Croatian peace songs on radio in that troubled part of the world. A friend recently sent me his newsletter announcing an unpublished song written by […]

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Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic by Pamela Weintraub | Linda Tellington-Jones Bookshelf | Linda Tellington-Jones Talks Story

I’ve Added Two New Items to My Bookshelf

I thought you might like to check them out. Prime Time: Love, Health, Sex, Fitness, Friendship, Spirit – Making the Most of All of Your Life by Jane Fonda. and   Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic by Pamela Weintraub. I’ve made it easier for you by putting many of them together at at […]

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