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Horse Network Radio

Listen to Me on Horse Network Radio!

Cyber Monday calls every year for the Annual Horse Radio Network Radiothon. What a day it was with 20 hosts, 24 scheduled guests, 100+ listener voicemails and 160 listener phone calls. It was a blast to participate this year! We had thousands tune in live during the day but most people listen recorded throughout the […]

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Join Our Bemer Conference Call Tonight!

You’ve heard the chatter, now join Linda Tellington-Jones on our first weekly conference call to discuss how to use the Bemer along with Tellington TTouch for you and your animals. 6:00 PM PST Tuesday June 6 and every following Tuesday Call 605-562-3107. Enter Pin 283630# The Bemer is a FDA registered Class 1 device. The […]

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Kate Riordan

Give Forward to Kate Riordan

Aloha TTouchers, During your time in the Tellington TTouch world, you have no doubt encountered the result of countless selfless hours of work of the inimitable Kate Riordan. Kate has unstintingly shared her talents and time to spread the word about the miraculous benefits of TTouch for animals and humans for many years. Without her […]

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Senior care and TTouch: Year long study yields remarkable results

A Report From A Long Term Health Care Facility Study implemented by Diane Gidding, the Wellness & Hospitality Director of the care center has provided some exciting results for the use of TTouch.   Diane had attended TTouch-for-You trainings with me at the University of Minnesota and in Hawaii, and found TTouch to be amazingly helpful for […]

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Horses Helping Children with Autism: Horse Boy World

At my horse workshop in Cedar Creek, Texas the end of October I had the pleasure of having Horse Boy program director, Iliane Lorenz and interns in the 4-day training along with two of their wonderful horses from The Horse Boy program, Spirit and Marvel. After my training I went to visit Their center, just […]

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God Made A Dog

  Happy Friday!   I hope you all LOVE this YouTube piece as much as I do. It is so wonderful !!!! Enjoy 🙂   God Made a Dog   

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Finding the Spring in Your Senior Horse’s Step with Bridleless Riding

This mare came into my Swiss day long demo last year because her rider said she was stiff and resistant to going on the bit and did not have any spring in her step like she used to. She was riding her on a contact and pushing her forward into the bit with her seat […]

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Profound Interspecies Connections in a small package: A mouse story

We hear many stories about TTouch being used to rescue birds who have flown against a window and been knocked unconscious, and then revived with TTouch over their whole body. I have many stories I can PIC’s that describe Profound Interspecies Connections. This could also be call a PIC, but perhaps more appropriately a Precious […]

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Dressage Book

Rave Reviews for Dressage with Mind, Body, and Soul: A 21st-Century Approach…

Dear TTouch Family! Yippee! I am so thrilled. Dressage with Mind, Body, and Soul: A 21st-Century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding, Training, and Competing (Paperback) is the Book of the Month  for Dressage Today Magazine and I understand it is now available from and I hope Amazon Kindle too. Hilary Moore Hebert, senior editor, Dressage Today wrote:  Anyone who […]

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