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Did You Miss Our Free Webinar on Leash Pulling?

Did you miss my free webinar on TTouch solutions for your pets: Leash Pulling? It was fantastic, with over 1200 people attending. As we know, most pets love to go for walks, but often it can turn into a leash pulling session through excitement and anxiety, which creates discomfort or even pain. My sister Robyn […]

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TTouch for You and Your Horse in Kona, Hawaii in February

There are still earlybird-priced spots available. Make this into a family vacation you won’t ever forget.

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A Message of Hope for Thanksgiving

For the past few weeks following the November 8th election, Half of our citizens have been reeling in a state of shock, questioning how to go forward, experiencing a state of helplessness. And many of our ttouch family around the world have been shocked by the outcome. What has kept me from a state of […]

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Thursday’s Online Book Club: Six Macaques

I am thrilled to have this story now available through Amazon Kindle and so grateful to Carol Lang for caring for these six amazing Macaque monkeys who graced our lives in the TTouch office under the watchful eyes of Carol for many years. The story is a collection of my newsletter reports from my first […]

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Watch Our “How To” Videos on Vimeo

It’s a big, big world. Many of you just cannot make it to our trainings, no matter how far and wide we try to present them. We are aware that this makes it difficult to visualize many of the techniques involved in the Tellington TTouch® Method. If you’ve ever wanted to figure out how to […]

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Watch Our Online Book Club On “The Prophet”

If you haven’t already read the book, it’s not too late! Pick up a copy or download it from Amazon, and try opening it to any page. There is great wisdom to be had! Stay tuned for the announcement of our next online book club meeting.

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The Neurohormone Oxytocin and Its Relationship to Learning

Watch this video where I read from an amazing article by TTouch practitioner Robin Bernhard, LCSW, Med, which appears in my sister Robyn Hood’s book, All Wrapped Up For You. The article is about learning. We are very much enjoying the new and fascinating connections between touch, oxytocin (a neurohormone released when we touch, and […]

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Here’s the Video of Our Book Club Meeting on Larry Dossey’s “One Mind”

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next online book club meeting. As you can see, it was pretty fun, and very informative!

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