Come Meet Me on Teaching Tour!

On Sunday, August 28th, Roland and I head across the 2 “big ponds,” the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, to teach in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I would love to meet some of you at the demos at the Reken Test Center on September 17 for TTouch for You and Your Horse and September 18 for TTouch for You and Your Dog. This is a beautiful center where TTEAM was birthed at the urging of founder Ursula Bruns, who insisted, “You must develop a system.” That was 36 years ago and it is a pleasure to be back. This is one of the most innovative, horse friendly riding centers in the world. Join me there if you can.

September 25th is my 2nd annual demo organized by my dear friend and brilliant photographer, Gabriele Boiselle. This year I’m offering you the chance to bring photographs of your horse for me to analyze for personality. I need a good, clear photo from front and side of the head, and front and side of the body and one under saddle if you can. I can’t tell much from your phone photos so print them out if you can. Check out Gabrieles exciting website and blog at

Look over the rest of my itinerary and if you see an area close to you, let get together to chat during the breaks. I love to meet friends from my blog and Facebook.


2-6 Italy TTEAM workshop Contact: Silvia e Massimo Da Re
9 Evening seminar at Bremen Human Society Contact: Hella Koss
17 Germany Horse demo FS Reitzentrum: 02864-2434
18 Germany Dog demo FS Reitzentrum: 02864-2434
20-25 Germany TTEAM training with horses Contact: Bibi Degn : 0 2247 96 93910 oder
21 Evening horse demo along with Bibi Degn bei Ingelheim
25 German/ Speyer TTEAM demo for horses Kontakt : 06232-1007620 www.edition
27-Oct 2 Germany Along with Debby Potts TTouch Dog training Bibi Degn : 0 2247 96 93910 oder

1-5 Bad Orb, Germany TT4You Contact: Hella Koss
6 Weisbaden,Germany TT4Y Demo Baerbel Rieman Telefon: 0611 -52 90 616 oder 0160 – 44 11 090. Email:
8 Germany TTEAM opening Beate Meyer 08564 / 963447 oder
9 Germany TTEAM Demo Beate Meyer 08564 / 963447 oder
13-16 Italy Expo Cavallo
22 Switzerland Dog demo Contact: Lisa Leicht
18 Switzerland TTouch for dogs workshop or
19-20 Switzerland TT4You workshop or
29-31 Minneapolis, MN TTEAM Contact: Tanya Welsch 952-472-2422

2 Minneapolis, MN Demo and Fundraiser Tanya Welsch 952-472-2422
3+4 Minneapolis, MN TTACT Advanced Tellington TTouch Office
4-6 Minneapolis ,MN TT4You Tellington TTouch Office
8-12 Bodega Bay,CA TTEAM Equinology Tellington TTouch Office
15-20 Austin, TX TTACT 43-3 Tellington TTouch Office
26+27 Clinton, Iowa TT4YOU Tellington TTouch Office

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