Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

On this blessed Easter Sunday, as countless millions celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, this experience Karin Sifter shared with me and I pass along to you, holds a message of hope to all whose animal companions have “Crossed the Rainbow Bridge.” In my classes I often share the philosophy of the beloved Hawaiian spiritual guide and friend, Auntie Mahealani Henry, who teaches that the journey that most call death is actually just a Change of Address.

It is my belief that many of the beloved animals who leave the physical body can stay with us in spirit when we take them into our hearts and celebrate the joy they have brought to our lives. Once we become accustomed to the loss of their physical presence, we can have them with us always be in our hearts. And of course, this belief does not refer only to our animals. My darling Mother danced over the Rainbow Bridge to join my Dad on Valentine’s Day two years ago in her 94th year. As I write this, tears flood my eyes, but I now hold her close in my heart with my Dad, and have them both with me every minute of the day instead of just once a year or several times a week on the phone. I believe the animals who have been so close to us can also fill our hearts. I share Karin’s marvelous story to give hope to those of you who have lost a beloved family member, whether it be two-legged, four-legged, feathered, finned or furred.

Blessings on this Easter Day,


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Hi Linda. We met in Kona at your workshop in February 2009. I was with Vickie Tait & company. Thank you for the poem you recently posted. It is beautiful.
I wanted to share a very recent experience with you.

The day I returned from Australia and New Zealand, I came home to find out that my lovebird, Piper, who has lived with my mother (91) for the last 3-4 years as an incredible companion left his earthly garment the day before we got home. Obviously sad news, plus I always thought that I would get him back one day, hoping he would outlive her as he was an incredible friend and companion to her. But then, the most incredible thing has happened. You might want to grab your Kleenex for the next part…

Just before we boarded the flight from Sydney, I had bought a book entitled, Stories From the Animal Whisperer, written by Trisha McCagh, an Australian woman. The book was the only one that caught my interest and almost leapt off the shelf at me. I read some of it on the way home- how the author got into it and the part on animals and death- something, as you know, I have been interested in for some time.

I crawled into the tub that night, very sad, realizing he would not be back with me, after all. Then, the most incredible thing happened. The thought, “I had to go ahead to be there when she crossed over.” came into my head. Not really realizing what was happening, more thoughts – “she is so scared to die, I had to come ahead, so she won’t be scared and I will be here to meet her.”

In answer to my silent question, “what is it like where you are?” the most incredible vision came into my mind — he was flying freely, with other birds and fairies. Everything was sparkly and sunny. Flowers, grasses, palm trees and ferns. A small creek with a quaint bridge in the forefront. Birds bathing in the stream. A very happy/joyful place.

I was so excited, I couldn’t get to sleep.. I kept trying to keep the channel open, sending love and trying (without success) to still my mind.

The next morning, my husband Ron got up and closed the bathroom door to keep it dark. I woke up to the sound of birds singing and there were no windows open. I often wake up in a semi meditative state and just lay there (chiding myself that I should be getting up). I asked if Piper was with me again. More thoughts – more affirmations of what he said, I thanked him for opening the channel and honoring me with his contact. He informed me that we are a team, “I (Piper) looked after her for the last several years and now, it was my turn.” I was to inform her that she could communicate with him too, if she would let go of the sadness, and focus on the love and to keep her mind still. He said he would always be with her.

As if this wasn’t enough, Kaley, my son, Nathan’s Labrador that died tragically before his eyes by being stomped to death by the cattle, came through to tell me in her own very ‘lovable meat-headed way’, that she knew Nathan was doing poorly with his drinking and that she knew she could help him more from the spirit world. She said she chose her tragic death to show him how strong he was – that if he could overcome her death, he could overcome anything. And, that she was with him and would always be.

My cat Rudy was waiting in the background. When I spoke with him, I got a very distinctive quivering in my lower lip that started out with a slight pressure. He always used to put his paw to my lip when I picked him up for a cuddle, I always wondered if cats thought people had bad breath (like we think dogs do). He told me he died young (at 12) because he is to be my helper – to act as a contact for animals. I also got to tell him I was sorry I didn’t seek treatment earlier and he reassured me that things were as they were meant to be. Later in the morning, I had the same sensation in my lip, as I was trying to focus and still my mind, Ron came into the room and the sensation stopped immediately. Ron and Rudy were not close.

There was also another cat in the background (that I did not know) who informed me that I will be able to do this with animals I don’t know too. To say that this has blown me away is the understatement of the century.

We took Rudy’s earthly garment to be cremated. I shared this info with Mom and she was very impacted by it, especially the part about being afraid to die, as she had never shared that with anyone, although we all knew. Her belief in a judgment day and fear of hell make her religion very fearful and not comforting for her. Trouble is, her short term memory problems are making it difficult for her to hang onto new information.

Just wanted to share it with you.

Blessings Karen Sifton, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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