Encounters with Fairies


I have been blessed with many interactions with Nature Spirits and fairies of the forests and over the years have received fairy messages and poignant teachings in the form of poems. One of my most memorable encounters occurred at the One Earth Gathering at the Awareness Center in Brisbane, Australia in 1981.  At the end of the conference, on a sudden whim just as the closing bell rung at 12 noon, I announced that I was going to the Botanical Gardens to meet up with fairies and invited anyone who was interested to accompany me.  About a dozen hands shot up and a conference bus driver offered to take our small group there. In the group were several men who had shared their connection to Nature Spirits during the conference. One of them was Michael Roads who wrote Talking with Nature. A few weeks later I visited Michael and Treeney Roads at their home in Byron Bay and Michael sent me out to talk to the 1000 year old Morton Bay Fig Tree that had given him the material for his first book. You can read the Message from the Morton Bay Fig Tree in my Blog Archives.

Photo by Sandra Hoffmano; Linda with the "Enchanted Baby". A Giclee by Mary Koski

But back to the Botanical Garden story! When we reached the Gardens we sat down in a circle and closed our eyes to meditate with the intention of connecting, each in our own way, with fairy energy. I had never before asked for a connection in this way, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Perhaps I was inspired by the presence of Peter Caddy, co-founder of Findhorn, who had initially invited me to attend the conference, and by Michael and another amazing man whose name I now forget but whose energy was very much like I would imagine a Wood Nymph to be.

The moment we began the meditation the most amazing thing happened! Through my closed eyes I saw two fairies, a male and a female about four inches high, leap into the center of our circle. The male fairy spun in the middle while the female fairy, with a tiny wand in her hand, proceeded to touch each of us on outhird eye. With each contact a tiny flash sparked off the end of her wand.

The little male, wearing a golden crown with points on it, hovered in the center of our circle, spinning the whole time. The sun, making her decent toward the horizon, was shining like a spotlight through a Jacaranda tree to the right of our circle. Sunlight was flashing off the points of the crown and creating a spark on the Heart Chakra of each of us in the circle. It was an awesome sight! I could hardly keep still. I don’t know how long this went on, it seemed timeless, but when the meditation was over I asked how many had experienced the fairies. At least a third of the group had felt their presence.

That experience marked the beginning of my communication with the fairies.  They’ve given me many marvelous poems that I will be sharing on my blog over time.

For more than 20 years I have been searching for a fairy painting that would represent the energy I get from living in a house graced with fairy energy. Finally, in Hilo, Hawaii, on a tour around the island with Sandra Hoffman, just before Christmas I finally found the paining I’ve been waiting for. It’s a Giglee by Mary Koski, “AP 20/28” entitled Enchanted Baby and represents the child within each of us. Mary’s art is available for purchase at www.MaryKoskiArt.com.

The photograph of me, looking as though I am a part of the painting, is by Sandra Hoffman, premier photographic assistant to my dear friend, Gabriele Boiselle. Sandra was sent to me over Christmas by Gabriele to organize my 10,000 plus photos and took this magical photo. I hope it brings a smile to your lips and ignites a sparkle in your heart.

Dolphins and fairies grace our home with their presence



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