Finding the Spring in Your Senior Horse’s Step with Bridleless Riding

This mare came into my Swiss day long demo last year because her rider said she was stiff and resistant to going on the bit and did not have any spring in her step like she used to.
She was riding her on a contact and pushing her forward into the bit with her seat and legs. Her name is Rhapsody but she was stiff and sour and did not live up to her name. I asked if I could ride her without a bridle and her attitude change completely.
Rhapsody cavaletti
She is now 30 years old and has been ridden bridle-less ever since. Your horses attitude and mental health has a great deal to do with physical health.
Rhapsody jumping
I have suggested bridle-less riding to many senior horses over the past 20 years and they all benefit. Of course Rhapsody also gets Tellington TTouch -especially Coiled Python on her legs, Lick of the Cows Tongue and ear TTouch to boost her immune system.
Below is a photo I recently received with a thank you from the mare.
Your senior horse will thank you too.
*The steps to riding your horse bridle-less, in a safe, controlled way, are outlined in my book “The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book”.

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