Follow Your Intuition: If It Feels Right, It Is

I’d like to share with you a couple of stories where TTouch® practitioner Sage Lewis followed her intuition in working with two little dogs, much to their benefit.

Following your intuition is like learning the scales of the piano really well and writing your own symphony. Martine Sudan observed me doing a fast very light form of tarantulas on an Andalusian in Texas who could not stand still, but after the “daddy long legs” TTouch, she stood perfectly still and just watched us. I’m so happy Martine was there or I would’ve completely forgotten it!
Martine used it on a very reactive mare in Wyoming with great success! I love how we are able to share what we learn for the benefit of animals around the world.

We had a little Boston/Pug mix, Asha, in my 3-day training that was having trouble fully settling for any length of time. She’d made GREAT strides since I worked with her in a class in January but she and her human were still working very hard to be in the room. (Asha’s human, Allison, received Java’s leash as a giveaway at a Humane Society demo in January and decided to come to the training the next day…and is starting her certification now. : )

Allison did great work with Asha for two days, and on Day 3 I did a very vigorous demo with Asha – holding her like a pup between my legs so I could quiet her tail against my body, and worked her whole body very quickly with almost a 4 or 5 all over – as if to let her know, “Hey, HERE’S your body – pay attention!” I never work that hard, but I listened and tried it and she settled A LOT more.

Afterward, I noticed her feet were still dancing, and her tail was dancing, too, so I put scrunchies on all four feet, walked her around a bit, and then put one on the base of her tail. She stood totally still and completely engaged and relaxed for the first time…and then she fell sound asleep when we tried the headwrap. It’ll be fun to see this team at the next training!

Sage received this email from another training participant whose dog Ally had not walked in a while. Sage used the body wraps on Ally. She was kind enough to share it with us.

Ally wearing TTouch head wrap


Hi Sage,
I have been doing the TTouch on Ally and I noticed that she is having more movement. She used her front legs and crawled towards me yesterday. It was amazing! She hasn’t done that in a long time! She has also been extended her back legs, which is awesome to see. I also got the wrap and have been wrapping her. I really appreciate you checking in with me to see how Ally’s doing. Thank you again for teaching me! I really appreciate it!


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