From My Email: Memories Of Equitana

At last year’s Equitana in Essen, Germany, I had the pleasure of working with Meyke Kalms’ endurance horse Risa. She just wrote to let me know she and Risa would be there again this year. It’s a huge disappointment that I will not be able to be there.

Dear Linda,
Do you remember the Equitana 2009? My name is Meyke Kalms and we did some shows together with my horse Sonrisa del Sol, called Risa. She’s a brown mare, 11 years old and “working” on endurance races.

You did some different things with Risa, like TTouches, working in the labyrinth, or riding with the ribbon around the neck of Risa. It was a great experience!!! Our relationship now is much more better than before. After the Equitana I worked with Risa further with the support from my best friend Ingvil Schirling.

Risa gave me the wonderful experience how it is really like to work TOGETHER with a horse not only work with a horse. In the Saison 2009 Risa gave a big present to me: We did win an endurance race about 120 km and the prize was a one week holiday in Dubai! The things I have learned with your method to work with horses did help me and Risa to do so sucessfully, Im sure about that! So this was your success as well!

I would like to offer you my horse Sonrisa for your shows at the Equitana 2011 again, if you still need horses. I would be very happy to meet you again and work together with Risa sharing TTeam.

would be very happy to hear from you and I wish you a good time in Essen! Hope to see you soon!

With all the best wishes,

Meyke Kalms

My response:

Dear Meyke,
How exciting to hear from you and hear how well you are doing. I remember you both very well from Equitana 2009 and I am thrilled that your relationship has blossomed. That is the very reason I am so inspired to keep teaching all these years and never tire of it. And how wonderful that you are working with Ingvil.

I’m sad to tell you that I will not be at Equitana this year. However, you will still have the chance to have Risa receive TTouch from Bibi Degn who will be giving the presentations for me. I know you will enjoy working with her, as she is also a very experienced endurance rider.

It would be wonderful if you would like to bring her to my daylong seminar for Xenophon at the stable of Klaus Balkenhol. Ingvil is organizing it for me and could give you all the details. Have a wonderful time at Equitana with Bibi. and please stay in ttouch!.

Liebe Gruesse,


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