From My Inbox: From Awareness to Bliss

I received a link to this wonderful story from Laura D’Ambrosio, who attended a TTouch for Humans training in St. Paul last spring. I want to share this story with you.

This past spring, I attended a TTouch for Humans workshop in St. Paul conducted by the founder of TTouch, Linda Tellington-Jones. I’ve been interested in TTouch since the early 90’s and am now more than halfway though the certification program for companion animals. So when I found out that Linda was teaching a workshop near my home, I jumped at the opportunity.

A little background for those unfamiliar with TTouch. TTouch is a system of gentle circular touches, lifts and slides that works at the cellular level to activate the body’s potential. The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence. Linda describes it as lighting up the cells and reminding the body of its perfection. Scientific studies show a significant shift in brainwave patterns to an “awakened mind state” when a person or animal gives or receives TTouch. This mental state is one that enhances intuition, creativity and insight and can only happen when the body is fully relaxed.

Back to the story. On the second day of the workshop, Linda had the group stand, shut our eyes and shift our weight. She wanted us to be more aware of our bodies’ inner structure. “Feel your skeleton,” she encouraged. I shut my eyes, swayed a bit, and visualized my bones – I pictured the huge femur connecting my hips and knees, my ribs moving slightly with each breath, my skull and jaw. I’m often aware of my muscles and ligaments, especially when I need to release the tension I hold in them but I’d not contemplated my bones like this before.

I sat back on my chair and remained acutely aware of being a skeleton supported by muscles and covered by skin. “Amazing,” I thought to myself. Linda was talking about a new topic but my focus stayed inward. As I basked in my skeletal awareness, I thought more about each bone being a community of cells. How magnificent! But if each bone is a collection of cells, then so is every muscle holding onto a bone. So too my liver, my skin and my stomach – each one a community of cells.

As my awareness shifted to the cellular level of my body, I felt awe at the miracle that is my body. I clenched and extended my fingers, I swallowed, I took a deep breath, I shifted in my seat with acute consciousness of the brains’ signals, the nerves firing and the movement happening. Gratitude flowed through me and I sent silent thanks to these communities. I sent a special thanks to my liver for clearing all the toxins I consumed for so many years without appreciation for its thankless cleansing. I could feel a warm response rise from within. Odd but gratifying.

Then I remembered Linda talking about how cells communicate using light and I saw, or rather felt, it’s hard to describe, the light glowing in the gaps, permeating my body and expanding beyond my physical body. Light streamed in from above into my head and from below into my feet. Bliss crept in to join gratitude and I didn’t move, didn’t think, not wanting this feeling to stop.

Human_AuraAs if that wasn’t enough, as I gazed at the circle of people, I saw each person glowing, with light flowing from above and below. And I saw that we are not self-contained individual units. Our lights blend with one another and more gloriously with the room itself, the earth and beyond. For a timeless moment, I felt oneness and the pure joy and love that is the essence of the oneness.

Linda was talking about a new TTouch as I reentered the workshop. I had no idea how long that experience lasted. The blissful feeling of oneness dialed down to happiness, the acute awareness of the cellular communities faded but I remained alert to my bones for the rest of the day.

As I write this a few months later, I find I can easily snap into awareness of my bones and organs. And with a little effort, I can sense the communities of cells and the cellular communication. I would like to constantly tap into in that blissful oneness but while I can visualize the picture, the feeling remains elusive. Isn’t that the goal of enlightenment though? If I get there, I’ll let you know. I’m just grateful for the moment I had and to Linda for creating the possibility.

Isn’t that fabulous? Thanks, Laura!

© 2009, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.


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