From My Inbox: the Power of Intention

I receive so many fascinating communications from around the world, some of which I have decided to share here (with permission from the sender). Here is one from Richard Newton who is a TTEAM/TTouch Practitioner and works as a volunteer for a therapeutic riding program in the San Francisco area.

Aloha! We trust the wrist is mending well. I was invited to do Reiki/TTouch on two of my friends here in the UK. Both had difficulty in walking. 1) stroke 6 years ago; walked with the aid of a walking stick; aphasia, and limited mobility on the right side of the body. I used a combo of Lying Leopard, Abalone, and Raccoon TTouches on the right arm/shoulder, the right side of the head/ear/jaw and the right thigh. After about 20 minutes she got up and walked unaided.
2) A lady very uncomfortable having her feet touched even by her husband. She was in a lot of pain on the top of her foot in front of her toes. I sent her reiki and after about 3 minutes she just thrust her foot into my hands where I held it without moving for probably 5 minutes. I slowly started the odd Lying Leopard TTouch with the back of my fingers – then to Raccoon and Abalone over all the foot; Python on the right leg – she had varicose veins on the same leg. After about 25 minutes, she stood up unaided and walked with no pain! The following day she commented that she expected pain when she walked – BUT HAD NONE. THANK YOU!

Hi Richard,

What a gift you gave these people. Is it possible you could try some of these human cases with TTouch only? we cannot publish them with Reiki because there is no way of differentiating the effects, unfortunately. Maybe try a few with TTouch only, visualizing the activation of universal energy and brilliance that is within the cells rather than bringing universal energy from without.

Reading Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight” (which I highly recommend) and thinking of a hundred, hundred million cells in our bodies and thinking of the unimaginable intelligence we walk around with in these bodies, reinforced my thinking that we only have to hold the intention of giving the message to the cells: “Remember your perfection.” There is so much evidence of the power of intention. Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer have been teaching us this for years, and I love the supporting work of Lynne McTaggart’s view of the “new understanding and significance” of quantum physics in her book, The Field, and her second book, The Intention Experiment. The work of Rupert Sheldrake, Russel Targ and from Stanford University and Fritz-Albert Popp are must-reads for all of us committed to making a difference in the world.

I expect by now you have read Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief. His commitment to making the information available to laypeople about how our thoughts influence our DNA and create our reality adds another layer to what I understood from Rupert Sheldrake more than 20 years ago when I read his book The New Science of Life.

If you have been in one of my trainings when I shared “The Flowering Tree Ceremony,” you may not remember that I actually learned that from Rupert when he gave it to a group of us at a ten-day “Peaceful Cultures Conference” at Ojai Foundation in 1984. It’s my understanding that it actually came from Harley Swiftdeer who was there at the conference. Harley was leading a shaman workshop during those 10 days in which I was adopted into his Cherokee Deer Clan and he gave me the name “Many Winds Speaker.”

Each person in the workshop sat in front of him, one at a time, and chanted in a ceremony to find the purpose for our names. My purpose was “To spread the words of Wonkontonka to the far corners of the earth.” I have come to realize over the years that the message that keeps coming to me so often when I sit with my journal in nature and let the words flow from my pen are about experiencing “Heaven on Earth.” We experience “Heaven on Earth” when we remember our Oneness with Divine Source (God) and with all of creation. Our Oneness with All – with the animals and nature and with all humans. when we think we are separate that is like purgatory and when we think we are alone, that is certainly Hades – being separated from Source — forgetting that Oneness.

What has me totally inspired is all of the scientific evidence with quantum physics and EEG’s and the understanding of the function of the right or intuitive part of our brain that makes us aware of our Oneness or universal connection and the compassion that accompanies that knowing – the last being the message of Jill Bolte Taylor. As well as the validation from the EEG studies we did with Anna Wise with the Mind Mirror showing the activation of the whole brain (specifically Maxwell Cade’s “Awakened Mind State”) that include that right brain connection with every TTouch circle we make.

That is what is juicing me so that I awaken most nights between 3:30 and 4:30 and write, write, write the theta brainwave-induced Aha’s!

I love to share this with you and look forward to your response and thoughts you have from any of these books or realizations. Your desire and actions to make a difference in the world are so precious and appreciated.

Heart Hugs and much love,

Linda (in a small village in Croatia)

PS. if you go to Google Earth you can see where I am sitting in a cafe in the tiny tourist village of Kukljica, Croatia.

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