From My Inbox: TTouch for Humans

Sabine is a German Companion Animal practitioner (teacher) and wrote to the yahoo group recently to ask for TTouch help for her thumb. She had an injury that resulted in a “snapping” thumb, also known as “trigger thumb” – when the two joints in the thumb pop with the slightest movement. In a recent surgery, a nerve was moved and now that the stitches are out she can feel only 3/4 of the thumb and the rest is numb.

Here’s what I wrote to her:

Dear Sabine,

You have to be extremely respectful of your thumb and treat it with MUCH RESPECT, as though it belonged to someone else you were working on. Most people have the tendency to be angry or frustrated with themselves and use too much pressure. That means you would not be in heart coherence and the healing will take longer.

I had the same problem with my thumb after working on a friend who had years of so much back pain. She could not ride horses any more and her back felt very little except pain. I TTouched her with Nashorn with a 10 pressure for a long time. I NEVER do more than 5 or 6 TTouches at a 10 pressure. It seemed to give her a lot of relief, but I wound up with popping joints in my thumb. I bought a thumb brace to keep it from popping, and did lots of TTouches on it. Now it is totally normal.

My personal experience doesn’t help you, except that I can well imagine what you are going through. And you CAN encourage your body to heal with the help of TTouch and a clear image of how you want your thumb to recover. You’ve got more work to do since the OP operation (?). Talk to your thumb as you do 2 pressure, 2 second Raccoon TTouches –FIRST ON THE HEALTHIER THUMB–reminding your other thumb what it is like to feel it, imagining that your affected thumb can feel it.

It’s important to IMAGINE the cells responding – activating- with light in the cells and sending messages to the parts that cannot yet feel.

I suggest keeping a journal. Give yourself about 5 minutes a day, every day. Map the parts you can feel – and the parts you cannot YET feel. Every day!

When TTouching your thumb, alternate between a 3 pressure (so long as there is no discomfort) and a 2 pressure. If you find that you are holding your breath with a 3 pressure, do less.

If you send me some feedback on these TTouches and procedures, I may have other suggestions for you. It is very important that you hold the image of the improvements you want. That’s proven to be successful to support healing.

Enjoy the journey and know you will learn much.

Liebe Grüße,


…and Sabine’s response:

Dear Linda,

You ttouched my heart very deeply. I felt the love while you were writing this to me. It was as if you read my mind. Yes, some days I am frustrated. I will do everything you suggested. What a great idea to keep a journal – with my dog clients I always do.
I wish I had known before about a thumb brace. But past is past – things happen for a reason!
Thank you so much for letting me share your own experince.

Lot´s of heart hugs to YOU and your family (2 legs or 4 legs)


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