Gallop to Freedom By Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon of Cavalia

Coming Soon to Horse and Rider and a book store near you: Trafalgar Books’ Gallop to Freedom, by Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado, the founding stars of Cavalia.

Hollywood meets the publishing world in this video trailer for Gallop to Freedom. Pictured are Frédéric and Magali on the beach at Paradise Cove in Malibu, California, with Magali’s Lusitano stallion Dao; the couple’s wedding day in France on horseback (Magali’s dress was designed by Jiki, who also designed Princess Caroline of Monaco’s wedding dress); a shot taken by USDF gold medalist Linda Alexander Walton, who caught Magali aboard her stunning buckskin stallion Mandarin in a tiny patch of grass behind the Big Top, right before the equestrian spectacle Cavalia left for Europe.


Scheduled for release in mid-October, Gallop to Freedom presents a touching, mind-opening perspective on horses and life as Frédéric and Magali share the events, experiences, and the horses that shaped their training philosophy and the principles they embrace. Visually captured in 187 stunning photos gathered from names like Frédéric Chehu and Gabrielle Boiselle, Gallop to Freedom is a tribute to the power of writing from the heart while communicating the rare and remarkable relationship the couple has with horses (and one another).

Frédéric and Magali ‘retired’ from Cavalia last December after six years on tour and have since been busy training horses and working on the family’s Lusitano breeding farm in France. But you can “be there:”

Gallop to Freedom is like experiencing a visit with Frédéric and Magali–to their family’s breeding farm in the South of France, performing in North America and Europe, watching them train. It includes touching details never written before about Templado, the Lusitano stallion who was the catalyst to restructuring their lives with horses.

–Elizabeth Kay McCall, publicist

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Frederic and I with Guizo

I am so grateful for the opportunities i’ve had to work with Frederic and Magali and share TTouch with them in Germany at Equitana, in Los Angeles and Dallas when they were on tour with Cavalia, and at their home in southern France. It’s always a treasure for me to spend time and work with Frederic and Magali because I believe they are able to connect with horses in a way that most people only dream about. I am convinced their horses enjoy this magical inter-species dance as much as we all enjoy participating as witnesses to this extraordinary heart connection.. I know that Gallop To Freedom will inspire so many horsemen and horsewomen to see their own horses, their families, friends and themselves with new eyes and new appreciation.


Guizo stepped in for Templado when he became ill

Pictured here is the stallion I worked with in Dallas. Guizo is the youngest stallion of the three who worked at liberty in the spectacular Cavalia show. He performed beautifully, but was concerned about the older stallions and had a tendency to bite at them. Frederic had been managing this by keeping Guizo slightly apart on the upper stage and asked me if I had any thoughts of how to give the stallion more confidence to stop this habit. I showed Frederic how Mouth TTouch can effect the emotional behavior of a horse by quietly working the outside of the mouth with the flat hand and then slipping the thumb into the mouth. At the same time it is important to hold the intention of the behavior you want – in this case to hold the vision of Guizo keeping his mouth quiet, breathing normally and relaxing around the other stallions. As you will know if you have read my Trafalgar book, The Ultimate Horse Training and Behavior Book for the 21st Century, working the lips and nostrils affects the limbic system – the part of the brain that controls emotions and as well as effect learning. It sounds so simplistic, but it worked! Frederic told me that the first evening he took maybe 30 seconds when Guizo entered the arena and spoke quietly to him, lowered his head a little, and slipped his thumb into the mouth. Guizo was able to work quietly together with the other stallions for the first time!

Check back for links to YouTube videos from my visit with Frederic and Magali later in this month.

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