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I will be speaking at a very special conference at Green Chimneys in New York state and hope some of you can join us. Green Chimneys is a non-profit organization, recognized as the worldwide leader in animal-assisted therapy and activities. Green Chimneys provides residential treatment for children and a special education school that focuses on care for animals and nature, promoting a philosophy of dignity and worth for all living things.

I am working with a calf and a student at Green Chimneys

I am working with a calf and a student at Green Chimneys

Michael Kaufmann is the farm manager there and a long time friend. He was the education director of the SPCA and the AHA and a very caring and experienced animal and people person. Michael wrote:

The two days are set up as a progression and all speakers will be involved both days. What we also want is that the speakers have a chance to really be available to the audience in a personal way that often is not possible. Your actual “presentation” piece is a short 45 minutes on Saturday “A new way to Experience Relationship with Animals” You will present in our indoor arena – with microphone -with all participants sitting down. You may work with any of our animals that you select ahead of time and my thought is to just share not just the TTouch, but your general philosophy about animals and people and the relationship. The theme of the conference is “Experiential Humane Education”- the main undercurrent is that in order to really care and know animals, people of all ages must actually experience and live with real animals- not apart from them. We want to expand the concept of “animal” to not just include the dogs and cats we live with- but all animals. So really- in essence – the workshop just underscores what you, myself and many others have been trying to model and teach for many years – it’s the same song – just on a different day, in a different context.

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