Guardian Angels of the Animals

Nineteen years ago I travelled to Australia to participate in a soul retrieval class.

After the weekend class, I stayed on for several weeks and volunteered to dig in the dirt of the flower garden of my hostess, Dr. Helen Caldicott who started the international movement, Doctors Against Nuclear War. The whole time I was connecting to nature spirits. I would begin to get words in poem form in my head and stop to write them in my journal which I kept close by. I have a whole book full of these wonderful poems which I have shared with many of my classes.

When I returned home to snowy New Mexico I was sitting in bed in the early dawn – as I am doing as I write this – and the following words flowed from my pen. You must read them out loud to really get the feeling. Actually, if you have a dog or kitty close by they might enjoy feeling the joy you might feel as you read. I believe you will come to a state of heart coherence as you read, and that is very attractive to our animal friends.

Guardian Angels of the Animals

Fairies care for Nature
But how about animals
Must I guess?
Or need I only ask
Are animals also
A fairy task?

The answer comes back
Loud and clear
The angels care
For animals dear

The animal spirits
Gather ‘round
Their loving protection
Does abound

Each species has
An Angel guide
Close to protect them
At their side

If you open your heart
You’ll see them there
Soften your eyes
You cannot stare
Their loving presence
Fills the air

As you reach out
and caress an animal
friend, you also will
be touched by the presence
of angelic gentleness and
filled with the spirit of Light

Protected closely
In the night
The feathered softness
Of etheric wings
Brings sweet melody
When an Angel sings

So open your ears
To celebrate songs
You may even hear
And sacred gongs

As you still your breath
Feel the Angels there
When you sit
With your horse
Or your dog
Or your hare.
Always remember
The Angels are there!

Aka.Linda Tellington-Jones Casa Las Barancas Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1991

© 2010 – 2011, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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