Gunner and the Balance Leash: Amazing Progress

I received an email from Jan Marshall about her experiences with the balance leash. I thought I might share it with you all, since it is really helpful.

Hello – I just read in your newsletter about one of the dogs you helped called Aspida – he would lunge at other dogs and make a horrible racket — sounds exactly like my guy. Gunner is a three-year-old Lab. We got him when he was just over a year old and we were his fourth home. He was never socialized and apparently tied up and teased. He is horribly leash-reactive to any dog that he sees (does not have to be close) when we are out for walks. Have worked with the mouth TTouches and tail work as well as a few other TTouches. There has been a distinct difference, but we still have issues and a ways to go. I am so thrilled I found out about TTouch. I can see an improvement in both of my dogs!

Thank You,
Jan Marshall

After receiving suggestions about the TTouch Balance Leash, Jan wrote again:

Thank you so much. I never knew about TTouch before and I am so thrilled. Used the balance leash yesterday on my Great Dane/Plott Hound/Boxer mix in conjunction with the halti. She is so insecure and when we head home from our walk she throws her head and pulls. With doing the balance leash – NOTHING! I couldn’t believe something so simple could be so effective!

Before taking Gunner for a walk, I did a half-bodywrap with an ace bandage AND IT WORKED! I almost cried all the way home from our walk. Gunner was totally relaxed, did not react to the dogs we saw (two of which always set him off on his impression of an attack dog). I was blown away. He is a totally different dog — our neighbors are dumbfounded. For two years I have worked diligently with Gunner and we have made progress, but it was a rough road with a lot of hurdles — the strides we have made since I have started doing TTouch and wrap (approx. two weeks) is beyond amazing.

On May 26, 2011 Jan wrote:

I have more great news. Gunner has a problem with my neighbor — as soon as he seems him, Gunner flies to the fence and acts like he’s going to kill. I’m confused with this since my neighbor is on the other side of my house he’s fine with – even with the kids bouncing and yelling on the trampoline. I tried the partial body wrap – brought Gunner out, he walked over to the fence with his tail wagging – NOT one sound from him, and then promptly went off to sniff where the rabbits had been in our yard. My neighbor was totally dumbstruck! And even after I took the wrap off he remained calm! If I can get to a point where I can walk him on the street in the presence of other dogs, my dream will be met!

I have put in 2 years of hard work with him and we have made tremendous strides – but nothing like this – it’s like an on/off switch for his emotions! Thank you so much for the help you have given me so far. I would truly love to take a course. I have always loved working with my dogs and this is so amazing!
I now have the dog I knew I could have – just in a much shorter time.


balance leashYou can use nearly any leash as a ‘balance leash’ which is simple and very effective to stop pulling. If you are on the right side of your dog the leash is attached to the dog’s collar as usual and held in your left hand with thumb pointing towards the dog’s collar. With your right hand holding the end of the leash, drop the middle of the leash across the chest of the dog from the left shoulder to the right.

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