Happy 20th TTouch Anniversary to Kirsten Henry!

In October of 1995, Kirsten Henry arrived at my office in Santa Fe, intending to visit for a week! But her guardian angels had another plan. She settled right in and it soon became clear that she was indispensable.

Kirsten with her husband Rodolfo and her son Luca

Kirsten with her husband Rodolfo and her son Luca

Before long Kirsten took over the organization of the newly emerging certification trainings in the US and Europe. She had many talents! Her management at expos across the United States and at Equitana and Hansapferd in Germany was superb – handling the stand arrangements, ordering products, taking care of all the finances, and dealing with the smallest details. For many years she accompanied me on my travels, caring for every aspect of travel, making it a pleasure for me — and I hope — fun for her too. Her expertise at interacting with students and clients is exemplary. And her skill and knowledge of Tellington TTouch is invaluable.

The setting for my Santa Fe wedding to Roland in 2000 was like a Hollywood set thanks to Kirsten’s brilliant orchestration.

When I left Santa Fe and moved to Hawaii in 1997, Kirsten, along with Carol Lang and Judy Spoonhoward (now Klein) “held the fort,” taking full responsibility for the office and all it takes to organize our trainings around the world. Since that time Kirsten has made it possible for me live in Hawaii with Roland and the office continues to run like clockwork.

While I am in excellent health and my energy actually continues to grow, along with my enthusiasm and constant curiosity, I am and always have been pleased that I have Kirsten to count on. I know she will always take good care of Tellington TTouch Training.

Heart Hugs, Linda Tellington-Jones

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