Heart-In-Hands: Staying Present in the Moment Determines How Trainings Unfold

I received this email from Teresa Cottarelli-Gunther of TTEAM Switzerland, and it started me thinking about the way I do things at trainings. I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Dear Linda,  In the past almost 15 years I had the great honor and pleasure to attend at the demos you gave, horses, dogs and humans.

For me each presentation was authentic, because you were with the beings at the moment – you gave what they needed at that particular moment. You make the connection between all beings. I think about the demo at Doris’s, each single horse with his owner got exactly what they were able to take to “digest” and to think about. The public was more than interested observing each of your movements, those of the horse and all the presents. You showed how authentic the method is.

On a “marketing point of view” you opened the interest for future connections of learning, helping and deepening the subject. Dear Linda, my comment is as you know reflecting what I feel and understand that’s why I believe in this work. It is to us, TTouch Switzerland, Lily, Lisa and myself, to work on this event in order to give more to the people attending the demo. You opened the heart and the door to reality…


Dear Teresa,
I thought a lot about the maybe strange  way I taught the horse training at Doris’s and I would like to send an explanation to all the practitioners who attended.  I was wondering why I intuitively chose NOT to show a lot of details of TTEAM for the horses; why did I not show a lot more specific TTouches, for example. Part of the reason was having 4 horses. Normally I would have spent one of those hours having people work in teams as we usually do. However, I trust the process and there must have been a reason we had 4 horses instead of the 3 I had suggested.

I realize that in order to learn the details of TTEAM you have to have personal teaching with hands-on or read the book and try it. What I hope came across with the 4 horses is an ATTITUDE of working with horses – of honoring the individual and recognizing that each horse was different and acknowledging their special personalities. As we know there are many ways to train horses. If we send some of those people home with the idea of relating to their horses with heart and hands, then we did something worthwhile for horses and for the planet. that is my reason for being on this earth and I know that is also yours.


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