Holy Mackerel! Quantum Possibility!

“Holy Mackerel! Full already!”

That’s what I’ve been saying to myself with obvious delight about many of our recent trainings. We’ve experienced a great deal of success and I think I know why.

I’ve asked each participant to send a good photograph of their horse from the side, preferably with the rider aboard. It’s so great to get a preview of the horses and riders who will be participating. That way, I already feel like I know them when we first meet!

I also ask riders to list three things they love about their horse and any issues they’d would like to focus on for that weekend. This gives us a reference point for issues and the observation of changes in all the horses as we progress.

Another thing we’ve been doing is asking the participants without horses to send a description of one of their horses so they can work from a distance. Yes! Really! We are always lucky to have observers–some who do not have their own horses–and they are uniquely positioned to share the work they observe with interested friends’ horses remotely. If you think this is some kind of hocus-pocus, I suggest you read the book, the Intention Experiment by Lynn McTaggart. You don’t even have to read the whole thing, just read the introduction, which gives you a background of the shift of consciousness to quantum science. Then open the book anywhere and you will discover fascinating studies that have been done around the world with many universities and research institutions about the effect of intention and the understanding that all information is contained in the quantum field and is available to us when we learn to listen.

Just by doing the seemingly simple basic one and a quarter Tellington TTouch circles you are activating the left hemisphere of your brain that gives you a logical approach to new possibilities for you and your horse, and the right hemisphere’s creativity and compassion. You will realize we are all connected all the time.

This book is an introduction to quantum science, explaining how we can be effective with our intention working from a distance. This is not new but many people are just now awakening to the “infinite possibilities” offered by quantum science.

If you’re not able to join us in person, take a few minutes to hold the intention of basking in the quantum field along with us.

You will be with us in spirit.

Aloha and heart hugs, Linda

© 2016, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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