I’m Presenting At Xenophon in Unna, Germany in October!

I am so pleased to announce I’ll be giving a dressage clinic on October 13th in Unna, Germany, sponsored by Xenophon.

“Correct riding is enough” – Xenophon shows how to realize the citation of the common trainer Paul Stecken – for the health and wellbeing of the horse and rider.

It will be exciting to reunite with Klaus Balkenhol, Ingrid Klimke and European dressage trainers and riders interested in gentle, humane and correct riding. TTouch offers a host of complements to correct riding–techniques to assist the horse in moving freely and to its greatest potential. I’m delighted to be able to present these tools and techniques for making a profound connection with the horse in the art of dressage. I am excited to share the benefits of the Balance Rein, the Liberty Neck Ring, the Lindell Bitless Bridle and the Training bit, along with our simple and effective techniques for freeing the back, releasing the topline, lowering the head, and all the other benefits TTouch has to offer the performance horse.

I’m proud to contribute to furthering the aims of Xenophon in 2010:

For 2010, Xenophon aims high: lectures, clinics, seminars and exhibitions should show how easy and successful horses can be trained by following the classical basic principles. The team of the Xenophon trainers is going to hold clinics nationwide in which the elements of the correct training of the horses and the riders on all performance levels (from the amateur rider up to the top athlete) will be competent- and cordially developed. Riders from the traditional disciplines dressage, show jumping and cross-country benefit from the work of Xenophon just as western riders, walking horse riders and people who love to be with horses.

To attend, apply with Mrs. Jennissen at info@xenophon-classical-riding.de by the deadline of October 5th.
The cost: €50 Euro, €30 Euro for Xenophon members.
Start at 10.30 a.m.
Reitsportzentrum Massener Heide e.V.,
Massener Heide 10, 59427 Unna
Tel. 02303/256264
Email: info@reitsportzengrum-massener-heide.de

I’ve learned a great deal about the successful application of TTouch techniques on hihg-level dressage horses through working with the horses of Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado of Cavalia.

For the past couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Grand Prix dressage mount of Barbi Breen-Gurley, Octango (Contango x Platon). This seminar should be a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the success of TTouch for Octango, and show what it can do for horses all over the world. I’m planning on sharing more of Octango’s story with you, but in the meantime, take a look at last year’s post, here.

If you’re in Europe, why not sign up for a fabulous opportunity to learn from and with some stunning talents.
If you can’t join us, please stay tuned for my reports from Unna!

Here’s what Xenophon has to say about the seminar (this is translated by Google, so please forgive any strange English. The original German is, of course, impeccable):

Seminar mit Linda Tellington-Jones am 13.10. in Unna

Workshop with Linda Tellington-Jones in Unna Okt. 13th

Linda Tellington-Jones, worldwide renowned for her Tellington-Method, will give a workshop on Wednesday, October 13th, in the riding center “Massener Heide” in Unna (north-west Germany). It is organized by Xenophon, which makes a stand for the well being of all horses.

The seminar will be about bodywork- and riding techniques that prepare horses to better perform on high and highest levels of competition. The Tellington-TTouch-Training-Method is built on the following three columns: gentle, special touches – the Tellington-TTouches, which have a relaxing and focusing effect; working with special ground exercises to improve balance as well as coordination and finally riding with awareness. The techniques enable the horse to be more relaxed and attentive to the rider even before he or she gets on. Especially the TTouch is easily applied before competition. Linda Tellington-Jones, Ph.D. hon., will demonstrate the work with horses that are trained to perform on high-level dressage or jumping competition but are prone to being nervous before the start or have a tendency to build up tension in training or during competition. Klaus Balkenhol convinced himself of the positive effects that the Tellington-Method has during several events working together with Linda Tellington-Jones.

Ingrid Klimke worked with Linda Tellington-Jones in advance of the Olympic Games 2008. She wanted to prepare her horses even better for the competitions. Foto: G. Metz

You can sign up for the day contacting Mrs. Jennissen, E-Mail info@xenophon-classical-riding.de, until October 5th. The workshop-fee is 50 Euros, members of the Xenophon-Society pay 30 Euro. The Workshop starts at 10.30 am.

Deutsch: Linda Tellington Jones, weltweit bekannt für ihre Tellington-Methode, wird am Mittwoch, dem 13. Oktober, im Reitsportzentrum Massener Heide in Unna ein Seminar geben. Veranstalter ist die Xenophon-Gesellschaft zum Wohle aller Pferde. Im Mittelpunkt des Seminars werden Körperarbeits- und Reit-Techniken stehen, mit deren Hilfe Pferde noch besser auf Hoch- und Höchstleistungen unter dem Sattel vorbereitet werden. Die Tellington-TTouch-Trainings-Methode stützt sich dabei auf drei Säulen: die Arbeit mit sanften Berührungen – dem TTouch, der entspannend und fokussierend wirkt, Training über Bodenhindernisse zur Verbesserung von Gleichgewicht und Koordination sowie Reiten mit Bewusstheit. So wird erreicht, dass das Pferd vor dem Aufsteigen entspannter und aufnahmebereiter für die Hilfen des Reiters ist. Der TTouch ist eine Technik, die auch vor dem Turnierstart problemlos anwendbar ist. Linda Tellington-Jones, mittlerweile Professorin h.c., wird die Arbeit an weit ausgebildeten Pferden zeigen, die beispielsweise mit Nervosität kämpfen oder eine Tendenz zu Verspannungen im Training und beim Wettkampf haben. Klaus Balkenhol überzeugte sich vom positiven Effekt des TTouch bei mehreren Veranstaltungen, bei denen er mit Linda Tellington-Jones zusammenarbeitete.
Anmeldung bei Frau Jennissen unter info@xenophon-classical-riding.de, Anmeldeschluss ist der 5. Oktober, Kosten: 50 Euro, Xenophon-Mitglieder zahlen 30 Euro, Beginn ist um 10.30 Uhr. Die Veranstaltung findet in deutscher Sprache statt.

Bild: Ingrid Klimke arbeitete mit Linda Tellington-Jones vor den olympischen Spielen 2008 mit dem Ziel, ihre Pferde noch besser auf die Wettkämpfe vorzubereiten.                                                                                                                                     Foto: Gabriele Metz

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