It’s Here! Our Conversation with Allen Schoen, DVM, Author of the Compassionate Equestrian

A fascinating comment from Dr. Schoen in this conversation:

If we don’t shift and heal our hearts and minds and come from a truly compassionate place for all beings, it all gets filtered. And that’s what I started seeing in the horse world.
Every horse licks me and kisses me after I help them… but I also realized that they were helping maybe getting the horse to the next race or this or that and the real healing at the other end of the reins––the key was healing the hearts and minds of the riders, the trainers, the “owner”––even though an “owner” is an inappropriate term––but that was, that was they key. And that’s what started leading me on this journey and so OK as a veterinarian to me now ultimate healing is healing the hearts and minds of every being and then realizing through that healing then they can go out and be of benefit.

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