Josie Overcomes Aggression Toward Other Dogs With the Help of a “Stuffie”

I’m sometimes asked if I ever get tired of hearing the stories about animals whose lives are changed by Tellington TTouch® Training. The answer is a clear, “Definitely not”. The stories and feedback are what keep me inspired and passionate about sharing the work. So I would love to hear any of your stories no matter what the animals.

During the TTouch Advanced training for Companion animals in St. Paul Minnesota last year we invited several interesting dogs with extreme behavior issues to be demos for the class. The 8 year old German Shepherd, Josie came to us with her companion, Bill who just sent me this letter of thanks which i wish to share. Josie is a lovely dog with humans but 3 trainers had been unsuccessful at bringing her to a place where she could be trusted to be near another dog. With the help of  a “stuffy” in the beginning, Josie came to a point in about an hour of calmly accepting two other dogs in the room. An act that Bill had not dared to hope for. He sent a few photos to demonstrate the success. I’m including his website, the Human Chrysalis about his touching and inspiring emergence from care-giver to a new life.

Bill’s letter:

Josie and I  were subjects for an Advanced Training in St Paul, MN, April 3, 2010. A couple of pix are attached as reminders. Josie was a rescue. According to a good friend of mine, “Josie never learned to speak ‘Dog”. She had been locked in a garage most of her 7.5 years, when we met. She was absolutely wonderful around people, but very unschooled in many areas… she was not housebroken, she did not understand things like mirrors and window reflections (no aggression or fear toward them,,, just puzzlement). Those we dealt with quickly (one pic shows her puzzled by the reflections in a mirror). But her issues with other dogs were another story. I’m not sure she was aggressive toward other dogs but she was almost unrestrainable around them. She desperately had to be close to them; then she had to dominate (those traits as I saw them). Three trainers, using widely different approaches, had little impact on her. One ( a Ukrainian Schutzhund-type trainer) wanted her in a pinch collar. So when my friend, Bobby Jo (Lieberman) told us of your session, I thought it worth investigating. I saw you at a fund-raiser a month or so earlier, focused on horses, and I was both smitten by you, and enchanted with your methods. You reminded me greatly of the techniques my former wife, for whom I was later a caregiver for ~ 20 years, used. And to me that is high praise.

Anyway we went to your session and Josie (and I) are changed people. But I do not believe I ever thanked you.

Pix attached might help stir your memory of Jo. I think her memorable, but I can’t begin to imagine how many dogs, horses, and human beings, you have helped since us.

Meanwhile, keep doing God’s (or gods’, or “good”) work. You are changing lives.


Bill Kuhns


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