Kaja & Grom Ranch, Slovenia: Inspiration

I awoke around 5 a.m. with in inspiration. In 1984 while working as a Citizen Diplomat with Esalen Soviet/American Exchange, I found that animals created connections in the former Soviet Union that brought new understanding and communication. It was at this time that I conceived of the idea of Animal Ambassadors – acknowledging animals as ambassadors to open new doors for communication as well as we humans taking the responsibility of being ambassadors for the animals – to protect them with our hands, our hearts and our voices.

I know that animals play a much more important, often understated role, but I could not find words that seemed appropriate for the feelings I had. This morning I awoke before dawn and the following words seemed to flow onto the computer screen, as though dictated by my guardian angel.

Animal Ambassadors and the Tellington TTouch Training programs teach a basic philosophy of kindness rather than domination of animals and yet leads to a much deeper spiritual level – a recognition of Oneness with All.

Our purpose is to promote understanding, compassion, and caring of our fellow beings by learning to treat animals with care, compassion and understanding. In this way animals become our teachers to help us become more caring, loving human beings with the intent to make a shift– from competition to cooperation, from reaction to action – from aggression to compassion – to shift our individual molecular makeup – our DNA – from survival to intelligence. In this way we can learn to be guardians on this precious planet.

This work is about communication: Communication with our own species, and with other species on many levels; verbally, non-verbally; equally from the mind and from the heart.

TTouch takes the understanding to another level: to the universe within our cells so that we awaken the ability to connect with the divine mind within our selves.

With self-applied TTouch we are able to reach a new level of intelligence according to the first definition in the Merriam.-Webster Dictionary: “the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations.” In other words, to develop our skills and our ability to adapt in this rapidly-changing world. Not just to adapt for our own survival, but with an open heart and caring for the collective whole. By TTouching another being – whether it is an animal or a person – we connect at a cellular level beyond words. In this way we learn a new form of communication and we honor animals as our teachers.

Fog fills the valley and the horses are like ghosts in the mist. I worked on my Animal Ambassador statement and at 8 a.m. when Roland and Andre and Darja woke up we sat in the courtyard enjoying sweet Slovenian coffee in the quiet. Between conversations I was photographing the spider webs and the peacock who came for cat food. Heavenly!

Roland was delighted with my Animal Ambassador statement, which I have been waiting to write for ten years. I can only wait for the muse – or the angels – and it always comes to me out of a deep sleep. This was perfect timing because Darja had another unexpected press interview and found my Animal Ambassador purpose helpful for explaining the work with the children that they do here.

Sheep Ambassadors at Kaja & Grom

Sheep Ambassadors at Kaja & Grom

We spent part of the morning helping Darja feed the horses and sheep and goats and pig and chickens and then we just hung out and worked on our computers for most of the day.

Goat Ambassadors at Kaja & Grom

Goat Ambassadors at Kaja & Grom

In the late afternoon Simon (the symphony conductor) and his wife Andrea came out and I spent some time helping with their stallion, Maj.

© Linda Tellington-Jones 2008

© 2008, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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