Kaja & Grom Ranch, Slovenia to Udine, Italy

We finally shut down our computers a little past midnight. I’m working on material to send to Jim Garrison to create a website for the new Institute for Interspecies Communication that will be part of the Wisdom University website and linked to our TTouch website. At the same time I’m editing material sent by Alyson J. Gilman who is creating a separate website for TTouch for Healthcare. And of course, always the emails and now committing to keeping up with My Space, which is so much fun for me to share the marvelous people I meet and with whom I constantly communicate.

I was up long before before dawn to do more emails and pack – and have time for thick, delicious Slovenian coffee with Darja before she leaves for the “Children’s Bazaar” where she has a big stand. Traditional Slovenian coffee is made from Turkish or Brazilian coffee. Its very much like cowboy coffee made over a campfire. First you boil water in a special copper pot that holds about 4 cups of water. Traditionally the pot would sit in sand heated by a flame. Here it’s on a gas flame. When the water boils you add sugar and 4 heaping teaspoons of the powdered coffee. Then the pot comes to a boil briefly and a splash of cold water is added to send the powdered coffeee to the bottom of the pot.

Darja brought her own coffee to Hawaii when she spent a month with us and now I understand why. I prefer it to Kona coffee or cappucino and that is saying a lot!!

Darja and Roland enjoying a cup of strong Slovenian early morning coffee in the sunshine.

Darja and Roland enjoying a cup of strong Slovenian early morning coffee in the sunshine.

The Childrens’ Bazaar is an expo all about what children learn in school, kindergarden, sport, day trips, music programs and more. Darja said this is the most important expo of the year to fill their programs; the week-long summer programs as well as weekends, and many week day trips and half-day trips for kindergarden. Some students come for a sports day at the ranch. They ride, do archery, play ball in the arena, walk in the woods. And Darja takes the young children for walks in the woods to communicate with the elves and fairies. They sometimes build houses for the elves and take food gifts or flowers to leave little alters for the small people.

Sometimes there are 50 students. The first hour is always a talk about how to approach a horse, how to be quiet, how a horse hears and how to talk to them. Then the children split into small groups of 10.

Traveling to Udine, Italy for a TTEAM/TTouch Training

Andre dropped us in Udine around 4:30 pm into the good hands of Massimo and Silvia De Ra and we rushed over to a local Apple store upgrade my computer to Leopard! Finally!

We had a lovely fish dinner at a local restaurant and I drank a couple of glasses of excellent local wine – more than I intended and much more than the usual single glass I usually limit myself to. I have to be so careful to keep my head clear and stick to water – or the occasional refreshing beer in the evening, when I am working long days.

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© 2008, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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