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Calisto courtesy Derekirra (still trying to contact)

As many of you may know, my home is in Hawai’i with my husband, Roland Kleger and our Westie, Rayne. We’re on the road, roaming the planet seven months a year, teaching Tellington TTouch for horses, companion animals and people .

I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn that many aspects of traditional Hawaiian culture dovetail with my philosophy about life as a human being on this precious planet.  The Hawiian way to share information is to “talk story,” and that is my mission for this blog.“Talk story” is a Hawaiian expression, used as a noun or verb, meaning “an informal chat” or “to chat informally.” In the old days, as in the present, talking story was a way of passing down what was once a strictly oral history, perpetuating culture and tradition, sharing mores and values, and honoring social, family, and spiritual life.

My passion is sharing experiences and honoring the gifts animals bring to our lives. When we treat animals with understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude, we learn to treat ourselves, our families and our fellow beings with these same attributes. In this way, together we can Change the World, One TTouch at a Time.

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