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So much experience and research has contributed to my world view and hence the philosophy of the Tellington TTouch Method. These books have been both inspirational and influential to me personally and professionally.


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On my bookshelf today:
Prime Time: Love, Health, Sex, Fitness, Friendship, Spirit | Making the Most of All Your Life Jane Fonda
Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic Pamela Weintraub
The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention Bruce Lipton 2010
Spontaneous Evolution Bruce Lipton 2010 (I’ve read and reread this remarkable “new-edge” transformational book)
The Intention Experiment Lynne McTaggart: I’ve reread this for the 3rd time.
The Sponteneous Healing of Belief Gregg Bradon 2009

Books I’ve enjoyed & highly recommend in 2010:
Stones Into Schools Greg Mortenson
Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations…One School at a Time Greg Mortenson, David Oliver Relin 2009
The Prince of the Marshes Rory Stewart
The Sewing Circles of Herat: A Personal Voyage Through Afghanistan Christine Lamb
The Bookseller of Kabul Asne Seierstad
Playing the Enemy John Carlin
Mandela’s Way: Fifteen Lessons of Life, Love, and Courage Richard Stengel
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society Mary Ann Schafer
Kabul Beauty School Deborah Rodrigues
Dreams from My Father Barack Obama
The Omnivore’s Dilemma Michael Pollan
Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela
My Life So Far Jane Fonda

Books that have expanded my world view and contributed to the creation and growth of Tellington TTouch:
The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief Gregg Braden 2009
The Intention Experiment:Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World Lynne M. McTaggart 2008
The Field Lynne McTaggart 2007
My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey Jill Bolte Taylor 2008
A New Earth Eckhart Tolle 2008
The Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton, PhD 2006
Transforming Stress: The Heartmath Solution For Relieving Worry, Fatigue, And Tension Doc Childre and Debroah Rozman 2005
Messages From Water Masaru Emoto 2004
What the Bleep Do We Know A film by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente 2004
Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell 2004
The High Performance Mind Anna Wise 1985
Intuition Judy Gee
The Power of Intention Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman
Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships Daniel Goleman
A Course In Miracles The Foundation for Inner Peace 1982
The Hundreth Monkey Syndrome
Love Is Letting Go of Fear Gerald G. Jampolsky
Awareness Through Movement Moshe Feldenkrais 1975
Man on His Nature Sir Charles Sherrington 1976
Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain Betty Edwards 1974
The New Science of Life Rupert Sheldrake
The Prophet Khalil Gibran 1965
The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 1972
The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know Jane Roberts
The Education of Oversoul Seven Jane Roberts 1968
Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East Baird T. Spalding 1978
Cosmic Consciousness Richard Maurice Bucke 1978

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