New Page: About Commenting Here

I have added a new page to clarify my feelings on your comments here at Changing the World One TTouch At A Time.

Here is what the page says:

Everyone on the Internet has a different idea about how to interact online. Likewise, bloggers have their own ideas about how they want discussion of their ideas to proceed.

I receive upwards of 600 emails a day. I have a lot of energy, but I’m not superhuman! I can’t possibly answer each of them. Writing this blog is a means of communicating with all of you, and generating compelling exchanges of information.

I welcome all comments and questions here. Please understand that I may not be free to respond to them all. It is possible that another reader may have something to say, so don’t forget to check the box that informs you of follow-up comments through email.

© 2009 Linda Tellington-Jones

© 2009, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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