New Year Wishes


photo courtesy Gabrielle Boiselle, Edition Boiselle

I’ve so very much enjoyed the messages
of love and blessings that have been flying
around the globe on the wondrous world wide web!!

As we step into the 9th year of this century,
I find myself bathed in a feeling of intense joy
and gratitude for the miraculous gifts in my life.

And among my greatest gifts is each of you who receive this message.

My heart is full as I sit here in our Hawaiian paradise,
sending Heart Hugs, gratitude, love and warm thoughts to you.

On the final day of 2008, when I began writing this missive,
the tropical beauty upon which I gaze was spectacular,
and I gave great thanks to the Divine Creator
for the world Roland and I have manifested.

Each one of us creates our reality– consciously or unconsciously,
and I am in such gratitude for my reality,
and that you are a part of our collective world.

I so wish I could send you a photograph of the scene
that unfolds before my eyes;
gently swaying palms, sunlight on the sparkling Pacific,
the wind-kissed tinkle of chimes,
doves cooing and wild canaries chittering,
the delightful sound of waves rolling onto the shore of He’eia Bay,
reminding me of the thrill of counting 26 varieties
of rainbow-colored fish while snorkeling two days ago.

I ended this year in a high state of inspiration.

A feeling of intense gratitude began on Christmas Eve
Roland and Gabrielle Boiselle and I
drove to the small Hawaiian church we visit each Christmas.
I began sending Heart Hugs to all parts of the world,
counting my blessings and giving thanks as I did so.

I kept sending love the whole week
and I found it hard to finish this email
because thinking of our TTouch Family
gives me such a special feeling of connection and gratitude.

On my computer table,
sits a beautiful globe of the world
with the countries in shimmering stones and shells
with gold-colored strips marking longitude and latitude.

I invite you to visualize with me
a net of light and love and hope
circling the globe
entwined with compassion and love
and forgiveness and acceptance
overseen by Arc Angels
and mixed with the joy of
Celebrating the Magic of Animals in our lives.

May the coming year bring you
Inspiration, Health, Joy, Prosperity
and Deep Gratitude for remembering
our Oneness with Divine Spirit and All that Is.

Together let us reach out
to Change the World One TTouch at a Time.
Blessings and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

–Linda, Roland, and Rayne

© Linda Tellington-Jones 2009

© 2009, Linda Tellington-Jones. All rights reserved.

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